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Amy's Story

After hearing about Metabolic Research Center on the radio, I couldn’t quit thinking about why I wanted to lose weight so badly.  First, I grew tired of gaining back what I’d lost in previous diets. Second, my daughter was getting married, and I wanted to be beautiful for her wedding photos. And finally, my husband. He wanted both of us to lose weight, but his attempts at motivating me always seemed to have the “opposite” effect!

That’s when we decided to step outside of ourselves and try MRC. Though I was initially fearful of cost (because I doubted I’d stick with it), the accountability and support I received kept me focused and losing weight fast! Getting to eat the real foods I already enjoyed and learning how to eat healthier for life made it totally worth it.  I still feel like me, but at times I don’t recognize my cute self! Trendy clothes fit me, climbing the mountains while Elk hunting got so much easier, and my relationship with my husband has flourished greatly! I feel so good about myself! And why shouldn't I? I lost 53.5 pounds and 66.75 inches!

If you’re reading this and are considering weight loss - sign up at Metabolic Research Center. Pick up the phone and call them, email them, message them, and just learn more.  Don’t cheat yourself into thinking it’s not for you. Trust me, it is. Just keep your eye on the end result, and you’ll be successful too!

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