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Morgan's Story

I was at my wits end when I came to Metabolic.  More times than not, I felt sad and vulnerable too; all because of my weight.  But once the initial 10 pounds came off, weight loss actually became FUN for me!  I made the changes I was being taught about and got to my goal! I’m so happy now; I feel like my old self again!  Even my friends and family have noticed the changes in me! “I love this place because it wasn’t a ‘quick fix’’; it’s a place that teaches change.  I’ve actually been told that I’m an inspiration to others now!  Anyone can do this if feeling bad like I did is motivating enough!   Since I was a student at the time, I was asked about the cost and how I could afford it.  To that I would just say, “Affordability was just a matter of making me the priority!”  This journey has been so worth it!  I’m 40 pounds lighter and nearly 50 inches smaller...and I feel AMAZING!l

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Thanks to everyone at Columbus MRC for being helpful and caring. I am happy to report my first "everything's normal" blood test in years!


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