Kim's Story

I’m Kim, and this is my success story with MRC! 

I have battled weight issues for most of my life. Low fat diets, low carb diets, low calorie diets – you name it, and I’ve tried it. For a while, I felt lost as to how to lose weight and keep it off at the age of 51.  Nothing was working. 

I work in the small town of Owensboro, Kentucky.  Last year two of my co-workers and I were searching for a diet program that would be long lasting and healthy. That’s when happened upon a Facebook post about the MRC program located in Evansville, Indiana.  Much to our surprise and delight, we found there was a satellite office in Owensboro! To investigate further, we met with a Weight Loss Specialist. After liking what we heard, we took that next step and started the program.   

To date, I have met my target goal by losing 55 pounds and 65 inches! I went from a snug size 16 down to a 10! Now, I’m on maintenance. As for my two coworkers? Well, one met her goal of 50 pounds lost, and the other is still working towards her goal with 60 pounds lost so far! 

The program is easy to follow. In fact, I’ve made it a lifelong lifestyle.  It’s simple, healthy and I “love” it.  Truly, it’s become a daily regiment and a guide for me. Even better is it’s socially acceptable, can be followed anywhere – including the office. I can still go out to eat dinner, and I’m always able to find food that works with the maintenance plan. I continue to have the protein drinks even today because I just enjoy them! 

I cannot begin to express my excitement in finally discovering a program to get the weight off, and I will continue to follow it.  I hate to admit it, but I’m just not a fan of exercise and have had very minimal exercise in my life…some walking with friends, yard work, and some swimming - that’s about it. With MRC, I could do those things if I wanted to, but I didn’t have to do them to see the weight come off. 

I am just extremely thrilled with the results I have had and continue to have – for both me and my coworkers. From the bottom of my heart I say “Thank You” to MRC, you have changed my life.

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