Jessica W's Story

I was uncomfortable being overweight, and I felt tired and sluggish all of the time. I tried exercising, but exercise alone was not going to work until I changed my eating habits. It didn't take long being on my program for me to realize that, "Hey! Healthy options CAN taste good!" It was at this point that I knew I would be successful in reaching my weight loss goals. And 20 pounds and 23.75 inches later, I was there!!

This program truly was catered to MY needs and revolved around MY goals. The supportive staff made sure to reassure and remind me of this every time I came in for my weigh-ins. They were so motivating and played an integral part in helping me reach my weight loss goals!

I recommend MRC to others for many reasons, including the reasonableness of the cost. I never thought I'd be able to say again that I feel this good. For me, the best part is having the energy back that I need not only to exercise, but also to be that amazing, playful mother to my kids!

Today, I am no longer uncomfortable with the person I am... I feel amazing! I feel energized! I feel confident! I feel healthy! In fact, I feel sexy!

At her goal, Jessica is looking and feeling GREAT!

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The support I receive from the awesome staff at MRC Topeka keeps me motivated each week to continue moving forward toward my goal!


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