Paige's Story

My name is Paige Whaley, and I lost 42 pounds and 52.5 inches with Metabolic Research Center!

Before I began this program, I had tried exercising and starving myself, but I had no idea what my body actually needed. I didn't realize that I wasn't caring for my body well. I was in a vicious cycle of feeling crummy, eating crummy food to feel better, and then feeling even worse. I felt hopeless.

When I started MRC, I was surprised that I felt more energetic and positive. After losing 42 pounds and 52.5 inches, I feel confident that I have created lifelong habits and learned how to properly fuel my body to keep the weight off!

The best part about the program was the non-judgmental support, consistent care, and accountability from the staff. I really appreciate having the MRC team's help in achieving my goals that I once believed were impossible.

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MRC changed my life...the consultants are fantastic...recommend the program to anyone that is serious about changing their life.


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