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MRC Margarita

Margarita Drink with ProteinCelebrate MRC style with our Mocktail Margarita. This clever Margarita has bold flavor and packs 15 grams of protein to help fight hunger and cravings! As an added bonus no one will try pushing a drink on you, they'll think you've got a Margarita;)

When you are trying to lose weight or watch your calories cocktails can be particularly tricky. The typical restaurant Margarita is between 8 -12 ounces and contians over 500 calories, that's more than you meal! Margaritas are loaded with sugar, which not only adds calories but spikes your blood sugar causing you to eat more and store more fat. To avoide these pitfalls we've dreamed up this super clever mocktail, enjoy!

12 oz Sprite Zero (or other zero cal lemon-lime drink), cold
1 packet Crystal Light Lemonade
1 packet Kiwi-Melon Concentrate

Mix ingredients together and enjoy! For an extra cold drink pour over ice and sift.

MRC has changed everything I thought I knew about myself, and my nutrition! They give you everything you need to succeed on your weight-loss journey! The tools are available, and so are the greatest coaches! TY MRC!


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