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Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee

Tips for Making Coffee Ice Cubes

All you’ll need is coffee and an ice cube tray.

  • Use a designated ice cube tray: We suggest a separate ice cube tray that's just for coffee ice cubes to prevent the delicious coffee flavor from making its way into your regular ice.
  • Use leftover coffee (or not): You can use leftover coffee (if you have any…I never do) or brew a fresh pot, just be sure it's cooled down before you pour it into the tray. Flavored coffees are a great option. We love Hazelnut Coffee-yum! If you love the a strong iced coffee, brew your coffee extra strong to ensure the cubes deliver maximum coffee flavor.
  • Freeze away: Simply fill your ice cube tray with cold coffee, then put tray in the freezer for 3 to 4 hours. Store the coffee ice cubes in a large freezer bag or keep them in the tray.

MRC Iced Coffee or Frappe

Now that you've got cubes in the freezer, the possibilities are endless! Fill a tall glass with frozen coffee ice cubes. Top with almond milk, skim milk, or any other non-dairy milk you like, add 1 packet zero calorie sweetener (optional). Stir and enjoy. For a frappe style drink, throw your iced coffee in the blender! If you want to add more flavor try adding 1 pump of a sugar free flavored syrup, or a drop of your favorite extract.

MRC Vanilla Frappe with Protein

MRC Vanilla Ready Made Drink

For a delicious frozen coffee that's packed with protein, use MRC's Vanilla Ready Made Drink! Start with 6-8 coffee cubes add 1 MRC Vanilla Ready Made Drink(cold). Stir or blend into a shake (let's call that a Vanilla Frappe). The sweetness of the Ready Made provides a delicious vanilla flavor and all the sweetness need. Enjoy.

Iced Coffee with High Protein Vanilla Ready To Drink

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