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Deviled Eggs

Deviled Eggs

Don't let Deviled Eggs only be a holiday recipe anymore, they are great for incorporating into lunch or even a high protein snack during the day.  You could even make these to take along to a barbecue, tailgate or any other get-together with friends.  These delicious bite-sized delights make it hard to believe how healthy this classic recipe really is with simple swap of an ingredient or two.  So dig in because with these Deviled Eggs you'll still be on the way to your weight loss goals!


2 eggs, boiled and cut in half
Dijonnaise to desired consistency
1/2 packet zero calorie sweetener, if desired
Pinch of salt, pepper, and paprika

1 tsp. dill pickles, chopped



After removing the yolks from the eggs, cream them together with Dijonnaise, dill pickles, salt, pepper and sweetener to your desired texture and taste.  Fill the eggs and sprinkle tops with paprika to taste.

Servings: 1  Replaces: 1 serving protein Deviled Eggs


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