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MRC Breakfast Tostada

MRC Breakfast Tostada with Egg and AvocadoA spin on the classic breakfast burrito, this tostada packs so much flavor and texture into one low-calorie dish!  Ditch the carb-heavy hash browns and dig into this well-balanced, Mexican-inspired breakfast favorite.  Tip: if you are having egg whites that iconic yellow color of whole eggs, add a tiny dash of turmeric to them.  It gives egg whites a slight yellow hue and a pop of color to your plate.


1 small yellow corn tortilla, (40 calories, which leaves room for a pinch of red cabbage for texture)

3 large egg whites (or 2 whole eggs)

½ tsp salt

½ tsp pepper

2 oz avocado

2 oz. red cabbage for texture and color



Cook egg whites in a small frying pan.  Simultaneously, heat a tortilla in the microwave or in a dry frying pan until it slightly bubbles.  Season the egg whites with sea salt and pepper once fully cooked.  Set aside.  Cut a small avocado and weight out 2 oz.  Place the tortilla on a plate.  Top with egg whites, avocado and red cabbage.  For an eye-catching plate, lightly dust the rim with chili powder. 

Servings: 1 

Replaces: 1 Carbohydrate, 1 Serving Protein, 1 Serving Fat*, 2 oz veggies from your lunch portion

*One fat serving can be added to one meal of choice per day



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