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Sally 's Story

I remember waking up and saying to myself, "No more, Sally. You will break free of this self-imposed prison that you've been living in for the past two years."

Growing up, I was very involved in sports, volleyball and basketball in particular. I was so active that I never really had to put much thought into my diet, as I always managed to stay fit and healthy. However, I apparently never received the memo that says once you stop playing sports, you should probably cut back on the massive food consumption too. In fact, after college, my eating habits spiraled out of control, and I gained 70 pounds in just two years. I was in such a dark place, surrounded by toxic people and felt so depressed.

Then, the breaking point arrived: the moment that ultimately leads me to say, "Enough... NO MORE!" I was walking through a bar, minding my own business, when a group of young men began to "moo" as I passed their table. That was it. I was done. It was time for a change! I lost the weight and slowly started to rebuild my sense of self.

The emotional journey was, and continues to be, the fire that fuels my passion for this industry. It is also one of the core elements of MRC's approach to weight loss, which only deepens my love for the company. For me, even though my introduction to MRC was as a client, it was always a family affair of sorts. My mom and siblings work for the company, and it was through my sister's passion as a Manager with MRC that I was able to truly realize her genuine commitment to her job. She loved going to work, and I could see the impact she was having on those whose lives she touched. When the opportunity for employment presented itself, I jumped at the chance to join the team as a consultant!

Today, as a Supervisor, I still love sharing my story with clients. I can relate to their struggles, and I can hold their hand as they embark on their own journey. I can help empower them, and I can celebrate their every success. Whether they are 5, 10, 20 or 50 pounds down, I am there to support them every step of the way, through every trial and every triumph! I literally get to help people change their lives, every single day.

I am constantly amazed by the effectiveness of MRC's weight loss program, at every level. The core of the program was built on solid scientific foundation, which absolutely fascinates me. The company is always researching and fine-tuning both its products and its practices. I have learned so much about overall wellness and nutrition. Moreover, the program takes the even larger step of addressing what I like to call the Heart Space... the mental, emotional and the physical aspects of weight loss. The program helps clients learn how to embrace the process of self-discovery and self-acceptance, which is key to sustaining long-term weight loss.

To me, MRC's approach to weigh loss embodies compassion, education and community. It provides a safe environment in which clients are able to share their struggles, face their demons and overcome their greatest challenges. It is not a pre-packaged, one-plan-fits-all, diet program. It's SO, SO, SO much more. It is an all-encompassing, individualized weight loss experience that will undoubtedly reshape your body and change your life! If you're struggling, we are here to help... always!

P.S. - Over the past few years, I've spent a lot of time coaching high school sports. It's always been a personal crusade of mine to help young women embrace their individuality and to develop a strong sense of self. They are up against so much, under constant pressure to fit into some sort of perfect mold. Through MRC, one of my missions is to start an after-school group, devoted to addressing body image issues among teenage girls, helping them feel good about who they are and what they can do! How wonderful would it be... to come together, as a collective community, and address these issues - to teach young women how to be healthy, in body and mind!
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I very happy that I want to Metabolic Research Center to get help with my weight. I have done a lot of thing to loss weight and I do loss it but only 25 to 35 pounds and I always gained it back because I go back to my old way. With the Metabolic Research Center they have shown me that I need to make a life change and I am trying.


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