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D'laine's Story

"I'm driven by my passion for this program!" - D'Laine Jones

Even though I was only eight years old at the time, I can still clearly hear the words, "she's chubby," echoing in my head. As a child, I remember feeling such shame hearing those words, especially since they came from an adult. By the age of 13, I was already overweight and so began my lifelong battle with the scale.

In addition to fighting a war against my weight, I was also a prime candidate for heart disease and diabetes, given my family history. I lost my Dad to a heart attack -- he was only 52 at the time of his death. Not only had he endured five heart attacks before ultimately succumbing to the final one, but he also battled diabetes. I knew that I was on the same deadly path, and I needed to commit to making a real change.

As a habitual dieter, I was constantly searching for new and improved ways through which I could drop my excess weight. After trying virtually everything under the sun, I finally saw an advertisement in the paper for Metabolic Research Center of Panama City. At the time, I was 40 years old and 100 pounds overweight. I remember thinking with such desperation, "I just want to weigh less than my husband."

When I made it to the Center in Panama City for my initial consultation, I remember being welcomed so warmly that I immediately felt safe and at ease. I can even recall my consultant being incredibly compassionate as she helped me absorb the number I saw when I stepped on the scale. She very gently looked at me and said, "D'Laine, do you understand that you're morbidly obese?" I had been living in denial and her words, delivered with such care, provided me with a much-needed wake-up call, as well as an overwhelming sense of hope that I really could lose the weight.

So, I made the courageous decision to join MRC, and from the moment I started on program, I began to experience remarkable results. In fact, I lost 18 pounds in the first month, which was the most I had ever shed during the beginning stages of a new weight loss plan! I was losing weight faster than ever before, and people began to notice my transformation. I quickly began to trust that this program would not let me down, and as such, my mindset totally shifted. I was completely committed to reaching my goals. It was like I had blinders on, and I just continued to press onward! I did exactly what my consultants told me to do, and I just followed the program. Nothing could stop me! Over the course of eight months, I dropped an astounding 100 pounds and lost 118 inches. The transformation changed my life! I know it may sound cheesy, but it was as if I had spent most of my life as a caterpillar in a cocoon, and then all of a sudden, I looked in the mirror and saw a totally different person looking back at me. I would see my reflection and think, "Is that really me?"

MRC's program was so much more than just a weight loss plan for me. It was a game-changer, one that literally saved my life! About seven years AFTER I lost the weight on program, I was in Atlanta and suffered a severe heart attack, which left me with no radial pulse. I remember my cardiologist telling me that if I had not lost the weight, I wouldn't have survived long enough to make it to the ambulance. I was absolutely floored and incredibly thankful to have survived the very health crisis that had taken my Dad's life.

My weight loss journey with MRC not only changed my life, but it also changed the lives of my entire family, breaking five generations of this vicious cycle. Today, I'm a happier, healthier and more confident woman!

So, after such a journey, you may be wondering how on earth I made the transition from MRC client to MRC employee? Well, while on program, I was experiencing such success that I decided to help others reach their weight loss goals too. I started working in the Center as a part-time consultant and absolutely LOVED the job. Before long, the unique opportunity to take a position as the Center's manager opened, and I thought to myself, "If I can make someone else feel as good as I do, then YES, I NEED to take this job!" A few years later, after learning so much, both personally and professionally, as a Manager, I was presented with yet another amazing opportunity and became a Supervisor, overseeing multiple centers.

I was, and continue to be, incredibly blessed by my experiences with this company. I have been given the extraordinary opportunity to change people's lives... people just like me, who have struggled with their weight and their self-image for years. I wholeheartedly believe in what we are doing, and I know, from personal experience, that our program works! We take care of our clients, and we are committed to helping them reach their goals and seeing them succeed!

Today, even though I'm a Supervisor, I still make time to work the floor at all my Centers, and I still love to take clients through their initial consultations. That's my real love! After all, I myself started with MRC as a client, which is ultimately the root of my genuine passion for this program.

I also have the added bonus of working with and helping to develop the most amazing team of consultants and managers. I think of myself as their coach, not their boss. I talk to my team, I listen to their needs, and I work hard to help them achieve their professional goals. Ultimately, we end up learning from and inspiring one another. Together, as we lead our amazing clients through their weight loss journey, our collective efforts yield success on so many fronts!

If I could pick three words to describe Metabolic Research Center's approach to weight loss, they would be...

This program is so much more than just a diet. It's a way of life. Let me help you change your life the way MRC helped me to change my own!

-- D'Laine Jones
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This program has best the best lifestyle change. It is giving me my life back with very little to no joint pain due to being massively overweight. The products taste great! Learning a new way of eating has been so easy. I will also say I couldn't have done it all by myself. I give total Thanks to the best coaches this program has to offer. Thank you Lynn and Rich! You're the best!


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