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Ann's Story

My name is Ann Roussin, and I lost 53 pounds with Metabolic Research Center!

Metabolic Research Center has changed my life! I came to MRC in Grand Junction Colorado in April of 2014. I was a skeptic, but I was also hopeful that this would be the missing link in my weight loss journey. I began at a size 18-20 and weighed over 200 pounds! As of August 2016, I have lost over 50 lbs, and wear a size 6 pants. Still unbelievable to me!

I've always enjoyed jogging. I wouldn't call myself a "runner" because I'm not in the race, so to speak, but I'm plugging away at every mile. Even when I was heavier, I jogged, but it was stressful and painful on my knees, and I couldn't do as much as I wanted to. The difference in running 53 pounds lighter is so rejuvenating! As simply as I can put it: jogging at a size 6 is so much easier and more enjoyable than jogging at a size 20.

I can't express in words alone how valuable it has been to have the team at MRC available at every step. When I signed up, they said that if I made a commitment to me, then they would make the same commitment. They weren't kidding. They have been with me the whole way.

I learned what foods are best for my body and what role my hormones, DNA, and correct supplements play in my weight loss... and they all also play a huge role in me FEELING GREAT! I would like people to know that weight loss had NEVER been easy for me until I came to MRC. If I can do it, anybody can.

I believe so strongly in MRC that today, I am the Manager at the MRC in Grand Junction and Montrose Colorado. I feel blessed every day that I am now about to be a part of other people's journeys. I AM MRC!!!

"Now a size 6, jogging for Ann is more enjoyable than ever before!"

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The support I receive from the awesome staff at MRC Topeka keeps me motivated each week to continue moving forward toward my goal!


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