Stop Mindless Snacking to Manage Your Weight

Mindless Snacking

Snacking is one of the biggest factors in weight gain. A couple bites here and there eventually turns into a few handfuls and several extra pounds. Having snack foods always at the ready can lead to an extremely bad habit. Mindless snacking becomes second nature to many and will often begin to take the place of healthy, nutritious meals. Breaking the snack habit is a good place to start if you are trying to manage your weight.

If you are trying to stop mindless snacking, the first step is to reduce the availability of the snack foods. Simply don't buy them or store them in a place where they are difficult to get to. Instead of purchasing large bags of chips, buy the small individual serving size. They are easier to store and will immediately reduce the amount you allow yourself to have. Limiting yourself to smaller amounts will immediately reduce the number of calories you consume.

You should also choose healthier snack options. Instead of chips and cookies, opt for granola, dried fruit or crackers and cheese. Snacks that are high in fiber and protein will go through the system more slowly providing sustained levels of energy and fewer calories to burn. They are also more filling. Eating them at a slower rate will allow you to feel full much faster.


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