Misleading Packaging Can Ruin Your Diet

Man Reading Packaging Info

Most doctors and weight loss professionals tell their patients to read labels. The FDA requires food labels to carry very specific information. A label must contain the ingredients, as well as the calories. Vitamin and mineral content must also be listed. Warning labels are also required if the food is known to contain common allergens like gluten or peanuts. The problem with labels is that many manufacturers have found ways to use them to their advantage, deceiving customers by making claims that are far from the actual truth.

A good example of deception comes with the use of the words "light" and "lite". While the word "lite" is actually referring to a reduction in calories, sugar or fats, "light" can simply be interpreted as a slight change in color. A simple change in spelling can alter the entire product. In some cases, foods that actually claim to be lite, may have more sugar or salt than the original product.

Information about artificial sweeteners can also be misleading. While manufacturers claim they are a safe and effective weight loss tool, they actually create a cycle within the body that causes a person to be hungry faster. One artificial sweetener in particular is being researched because it is believed to increase a person's risk of Alzheimer's.

If you are trying to lose weight, watch for claims that are too good to be true. When it comes to weight loss, you will never get something for nothing. Weight loss takes time and effort if it is to be completed successfully. Never forsake your health for a quick fix that may have disastrous consequences. Read labels carefully and look for possible gimmicks. Be knowledgeable and learn as much as you can about what each product contains.


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