Forbidden Foods Lists Can Intensify Cravings

Business Meeting with Pizza

For the past ten minutes, you’ve avoided grabbing a slice of pepperoni pizza at the monthly office meeting at work. Unfortunately, with each passing moment, your task is becoming increasingly difficult. Pizza is one of the numerous foods you’ve determined not to eat until you reach your weight loss goals. If you can relate to this scenario, you probably feel like you’re being subjected to cruel and unusual punishment. Thankfully, in order to lose weight and keep it off for life, you don’t have to torture yourself in this manner. Creating a forbidden foods lists can actually intensify your cravings for those foods!

Many dieters develop negative perceptions about certain foods such as pizza, hamburgers, cookies and cake. While attempting to lose weight, they pledge to not eat these foods. When a parent prohibits a child from jumping on the couch, the kid will likely struggle inwardly to meet this demand. Similarly, if you start banning foods from your diet, you will likely crave them more than ever.

To avoid finding yourself with your head buried in your favorite brand of butter pecan ice cream on a Wednesday night, allow yourself to eat all types of food in moderation. For instance, instead of consuming a calorie-laden, sweet treat every night, plan to indulge in your favorite dessert once or twice per week. If portion control has been your downfall in the past, measure your foods before eating them.

When eating at a restaurant, split your favorite appetizer or dessert with a friend or family member or box up half of your entree to eat later. Also, look for healthier ways to prepare previously forbidden foods at home. For example, if you adore the French fries served at your favorite fast food restaurant, consider baking some sweet potato fries at home.

If you need help altering the way you view, prepare and consume food, you might benefit from a free consultation at a Metabolic Research Center near you.


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