First Step to Losing Weight -- Stop Gaining!

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Weight creep is one of the major reasons why people develop middle-aged spread. However, weight creep may strike well before middle age. College students, for example, are often subject to the “freshman 15” - a weight gain of about 15 pounds that typically occurs during the freshman year. It's a lot easier not to gain weight in the first place than it is to lose it, but it's still important to stop gaining weight.

Dreaded "Weight Creep"

One reason for weight creep is that it's subtle. You might only gain a couple of pounds a year, but 20 years later, that's an additional 20 pounds (and you may still be gaining). Another is that we tend to be less active as we get older; it takes only about 20 extra calories a day to add two pounds a year – that's the equivalent of taking the elevator rather than the stairs. Finally, metabolism slows as we age, so the same number of daily calories increases the odds of gaining weight.

The basic strategies to stop gaining weight are similar to those for weight loss. First, track your weight and determine the upper limit. Any time you hit that limit, cut back on carbs and calories while keeping the rest of your diet in balance. Regular exercise is absolutely essential. First, it burns calories. Second, it builds muscle mass; muscles burn more calories than fat. Third, it keeps your heart healthy, your muscles strong and flexible and your balance in good shape.

Contact MRC Eating Real Foods to Lose

You have to eat to survive, but what you eat makes a big difference. Real foods, with an ideal ratio of protein and carbs for each meal, will fuel your metabolism correctly and help prevent weight gain. Those same real foods are also critical to losing weight. Contact us at Metabolic Research Center for ideas and recipes.



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