Why Kick the Soda Habit?


Young Woman Drinking a Soda

Soda is one of the first things that you should target when building a plan to change your lifestyle. Unfortunately, even though it lacks calories, that does include diet soda as well. Soda is an overly sweetened, empty calorie and chemical-filled concoction that is bad for teeth, bones, brain, and everything else. Full-sugar or diet, soft drinks condition the body and mind to treat itself to something fizzy and overly sweetened. It pulls a Pavlov, and trains your body to mindlessly want more. 

The problem is, as creatures of habit, it is natural to turn to caffeinated beverages as a pick up when there's an energy slump.  So too, the temptation lies everywhere you turn, in every restaurant, convenience store, movie theater and vending machine. As  part of the toxic-environment that has made millions of Americans obese, sodas are hard to avoid.

The biggest risk for full-sugar soda drinkers is empty calories. There are no nutritional benefits, only calories from the worst sorts of carbohydrates. There are no vitamins and minerals in soft drinks, not even a bit of fiber for mechanical benefit. Other obvious harmful effects include tooth decay and diabetes, but it also appears to harm bones. It is unclear if it is directly harmful in this way, or if the lack of milk in the diet is the cause. Either way, changing how one takes in beverages (sometimes every hour of each day) can be central to implementing an effective lifestyle change. 

In recent studies, diet soda is being shown to be harmful as well. Research suggests that intestinal bacteria are affected by the consumption of diet soda, and it is not good for beneficial bacteria, probably predisposing people to obesity. After all is said and done, water is your best option for daily hydration, so ending your soda habit, in whatever method works you, is truly beneficial for healthy living.


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