Why Do I Have Cellulite?

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Many women in today's fat-phobic world believe cellulite to be a disfiguring disease, but it is not. In fact, it is a very normal condition that doctors say will occur in 80-90% of women. Another misconception is that being overweight causes the less-than-attractive lumps to appear on the buttocks, arms, thighs and abdominal areas. Truth is, there are plenty of obese people (especially men) who never develop cellulite as well as many underweight or skinny females who do. What we do know is this dimpled appearance is related to subcutaneous fat deposits pushing against outer layers of connective tissue.

Unfortunately, the female body naturally lends itself to the development of cellulite. First, women naturally have a higher percentage of body fat at 20-25% than men at 10-15%. Plus, in the areas where cellulite is most apt to appear, men have thicker epidermis and dermis tissue layers in the thighs and buttocks. The first layer of fat, which is slightly thinner in men, is also assembled into polygonal units separated by crisscrossing connective tissue. In women, the connective tissue creates a waffle pattern allowing the thicker layer of subcutaneous fat cells to protrude into the dermis creating a dimpling appearance.

 Although overeating will definitely produce more subcutaneous fat, your diet alone can't eliminate cellulite. But.. eating a balanced diet and drinking lots of water can help to keep your connective tissue strong and supple. It is the firmness of this tissue as well as the tightness of your skin that can help to hide the protruding fat cells. To date hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent looking for cures, such as manipulative techniques and topical treatments. Disappointing as it is, there is no research that supports their long-term effectiveness. Since female athletes seem to have much less cellulite than the norm, incorporating a weight loss plan with aerobic exercise and resistance training has the most promise.

To learn more about managing cellulite, visit the Metabolic Research Center nearest you. MRC consultants can personalize a plan to help you accomplish your specific goals.


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