The Basics of Portion Control

We’ve all had our moments when we overindulge in a burger and fries at lunch or an entire bag of chips at 3 o’clock. And we are here to say it’s not too late to get yourself bag on track. By being conscience of what you are eating and how large your portions are, you will see those extra few pounds melt off.


Portion control is all about understanding how much a serving size truly is. If you are eating or snacking on something that comes with a nutrition label, look at the serving size and try to abide by it. For example, if you buy Blue Diamonds bag of whole natural almonds you will see that the serving size is 1 oz or about 24 nuts. While you don’t need to count out exactly 24, try to stay around that number so you don’t over indulge and eat more than your body needs.


One easy trick we like to use to control portion size while eating at home is use a smaller plate - it will play a trick on your mind and your stomach. Another tip we like is avoid “family style” dinners. By keeping the food in the kitchen or oven instead of on the table you are less likely to go back for seconds.


Most people have the hardest time with portion control when they are eating out at restaurants. Since there aren’t any suggested serving sizes on the menu, you have to have self discipline while dining out. If you are wanting something more than a salad with protein on top, then try to split an entree with a friend. Or discipline yourself to only eat half and box up the rest to go for lunch the next day.


There are many factors to keep in mind when monitoring how much you are eating. The entire team at Metabolic Research is here to help you do just that. Call or stop by the Metabolic Research Center nearest you today!



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