Don't Give In to Mindless Eating

Fries and Dips

In the zombie apocalypse, mindless humanoids wander about trying to eat people. Binge eating is just about the same level of mindlessness as portrayed by the zombies. Do you sit in front of the TV just eating as you watch your favorite shows? Are you even hungry? Is it comfort food? Were you feeling discomfort? Why are you eating? That is a question that rattles around inside of my brain hourly. 

Check Your Habits

Procrastination is an odd tool that we develop.  I find myself in front of the refrigerator all of the time wondering why I am there. Nothing has changed inside of the fridge from when I was there twenty minutes ago. No, nothing has changed. I get tired of all of the time I waste standing in front of the fridge. In fact, I got tired of being a slave to food. I checked my habits. 

Make A Change

When I realized just how many bad habits I had regarding food. I made a change. I needed more than just a diet, and so I went to the Metabolic Research Center where I found help. I sat down with a food counselor, and we talked about my diet, my habits, and binge eating. I left with a new way of thinking about food. They provided menus for foods that were tasty, satisfying and healthy. They helped me make a list of foods that make good snacks. I still find myself in front of the fridge sometimes but instead of reaching for the ice cream in the freezer, I reach for the filtered water.

One of the things that I first learned is that cravings may manifest as wanting food, but it may also mean you are thirsty or simply bored. Thus far, I have lost weight, and I find that my mind does not wander towards the kitchen as often as it used to do. You can make a food change too. 


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