How the Afterburn Effect Helps You Lose Weight

After Exercise Calorie Burn

It is a known fact that exercise will help you lose weight. However, what is not commonly known is the fact that your body burns extra calories even after you exercise. This is known as the afterburn effect and it occurs no matter what type of exercise you engage in; however, there are some forms of exercise that create a stronger afterburn effect than others.

Generally speaking, the more vigorous the exercise is, the stronger the afterburn effect will be. Vigorously cycling for 45 minutes, for instance, creates an afterburn effect that lasts for up to 14 hours after your cycling time is over. Cardio workouts are known to be effective in enabling the body to burn extra fat after the workout session; even so, weight training with various types of equipment can be even better than a vigorous cardio workout.

Short, high intensity workouts can also create the afterburn effect. These types of workouts are especially ideal for those who have not been exercising on a regular basis. You can follow a high intensity workout program or create your own by simply engaging in intense exercise for a minute, then cooling down and doing a low-intensity exercise for two minutes. Repeat this process six to eight times over the course of a half-hour.

Contrary to popular misconception, you don't have to exercise for long periods of time in order to gain weight. Your body keeps burning calories after your workout in order to replenish oxygen in the blood and build back muscle. Push yourself and engage in intense exercises at least three times a week and you will not only lose weight but also increase your energy levels, boost your immunity and feel happier and less stressed than ever before.


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