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We wouldn’t expect a car engine to run smoothly if we filled the fuel tank with apple juice. In the same way, we can’t expect our bodies to run at their optimum (or even adequate) performance if we load up our “fuel tank” with foods that our body wasn’t built to process or derive energy from. It’s silly to think we can put whatever we want inside these living breathing machines and get great results, or avoid malfunctions. Educating ourselves on the best fuel for our body, and taking the right steps to get there is even more important than putting the right stuff into our vehicle.

However unlike most car engines that run on gasoline, our bodies are a little more specified, so the first step is knowing our own body. There are staple foods, minerals, vitamins and proteins that all our bodies need, but the type and combination varies greatly on the person. Depending on genetics you may need more Vitamin D than your neighbor, and she may need more iron. Your personal metabolism also plays a huge factor in the type of foods your body requires. Ask an educated consultant what your body may be deficient in or need.

After you have become an expert on the “make and model” of your body, we can then launch you into mapping out the right “fuel” to put into it! Now the study turns from your body and onto the proper fuel. Check nutrition labels on food items carefully to ensure the nutrients you want are plentiful and unwanted chemicals are not! Education is key- you can’t act on what you don’t know. And when it comes to education, we’ve got you! Come in for a free consultation and we’ll get you running at optimum performance!


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