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What Makes MRC Different?

Blog Image: What Makes MRC Different?
What makes Metabolic Research Center Different? Why will this work any better than all the things you've tried in the past? Sally Georges discusses how our personal approach to weight loss makes all the difference.

It's Personal- At MRC our approach is tailored to you and your needs. We believe in the power of CONNECTION. For over 33 years our professional weight loss coaches have been sitting down with our clients face-to-face, providing encouragement, support, educations, and accountability, along with a healthy dose of motivation! Here, at MRC, you're not a number - you're a person and your success in our success! Our entire approach to weight loss is built around the personal connection between you and your team of MRC Coaches.

Keep It Real - While following your program, you'll eat real food in satisfying quantities. These aren't prepackaged meals that we deliver to you and you heat up in the microwave and this is not a liquid/shake diet. Our menus are designed using real food that you purchase at your local grocery store and prepare at home or even eat out in your favorite restaurants. Our name says it all - we use the latest research in nutrition, weight loss, hormone balancing, and metabolism to create menus that are effective, nutrotious, and delicous. Pizza, enchiladas, pancakes, and more. Check out all our recipes here.

Get Results - Ask any of the thousands of individuals we help each year - our programs work. You can expect to start losing weight right away. In fact, after your initial consultation, you'll leave our office with a menu in your hand. The combination of support, weight loss science, and expertly designed menus will get your metabolism firing on all cylinders. Don't just take our word for it - see what real MRC Clients have to say about their experience. Read MRC client reviews here.

Are you ready to get started on your last weight loss program? Or maybe you've got a few more questions and want to learn a little more. Come in and meet with an MRC Coach in a free consultation! We're here and ready to help you.

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Blog Image: What Makes MRC Different?


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