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The power of NO MORE!

Blog Image: The power of NO MORE!

Ahh… Thanksgiving, many people’s favorite holiday! We've heard the chatter, and we hear “I can’t wait to eat or I am eating as much as I want." We've seen the spaced out look that follows as if imagining the turkey coma already. And what a great feeling it is while we're in the moment consuming all of those delicious foods, but what a miserable uphill battle afterwards! Why do we do this to ourselves year after year knowing exactly how we're going to feel after overindulging. What if we began to imagine Thanksgiving through a different lens? Half the battle is in our head anyway, so why not make it a winning battle? Instead of telling ourselves that we are going to eat as much as we want of whatever we want and visualize ourselves popping, loosening a belt loop, unbuttoning our pant’s or wearing elastic in preparation; what would happen if, this year, we imagined something different... 

  • What if we told ourselves, I can eat one plate and be totally satisfied?

  • What if we imagined walking by the most tempting of dishes with no pull, no reaction, and no desire?  Instead, we imagine ourselves walking strongly and willfully away from those dishes and over to others that better serve our goals?

  • What if the picture we imagine is one of a person who is focused, determined, feeling confident and competent with back up plans and exit strategies to stay on track towards their self-set goals that lead to success?

  • What if we begin in the weeks before Thanksgiving reminding ourself that we are there to see family (not overindulge in food)? After all, food is an everyday experience while family may not be - let's put our focus where the most important things are.

  • What if we remind ourselves how fantastic and successful we are feeling on program so far? Reminding ourselves how we've successfully taken control of our choices? We've learned how to draw boundaries, and Thanksgiving day is just one more display of the power and control the we have over our own choices. 

  • What if we imagine the scenario from start to finish of being successful, waking up the day of prepared and ready to tackle this Thanksgiving with purpose, determination and refusal to give in to temptations, refusing to overindulge and laser focus to staying on program?

The truth is that we become what we think about. So, with enough time spent imagining the things we desire, eventually "what if I..." will gloriously transform into "When I..." This is dreams becoming reality in full action!

So, pay attention to what thoughts, feelings and scenarios you have when you think about Thanksgiving. These thoughts matter and they have a direct impact on what level of success you see. Don't fall into the trap of "well, it's what everyone else does..." or "it's what I've always done..." If what has been done is the past has never served you before, then it's certainly not going to serve you this time either. Break the cycle and create a new tradition.

Give yourself a new kind of power this Thanksgiving - the power to do it right, the power to make it successful, the power to move forward, the power to say NO MORE, and the power to say YES to a new and better you. You CAN do this! It's never too early to begin planning for an upcoming holiday. Connect with an MRC Coach today to get started! 


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