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The power of NO MORE!

Blog Image: The power of NO MORE!

Ahh… Thanksgiving, many people’s favorite holiday.  I have heard the chatter, and mostly I hear “I can’t wait to eat or I am eating as much as I want."   I watch them space out as if imagining the turkey coma already.   Hmm, what if people changed what they told themselves and imagined about Thanksgiving.  Half the battle is in our head anyway, so let’s make a winning battle.  Instead of telling ourselves that we are going to eat whatever we want, as much as we want and visualize ourselves popping, loosening a belt loop, unbuttoning our pant’s or wearing elastic in preparation, what would happen if we imagined something different?  

  • What if we told ourselves, I can eat one plate and be totally satisfied?
  • What if we imagined walking by those tempting dishes that may be our weakness or derailed us before with no pull, no reaction, and no desir?  Instead, imagine disgust at the dishes that previously had power over us…NO MORE! 
  • What if the picture we imagine is one of a person who is focused, determined, feeling confident and competent with back up plans and exit strategies to protect the program and protect ourselves from a mishap.
  • What if we tell ourselves, a mantra, the weeks and days before Thanksgiving, that we are there to see family, and we have the power to control our eating?  We are in charge of what goes on our plate and we can choose to eat it or not. 
  • What if we tell ourselves how fantastic and successful we are feeling on program, how we have taken control of our weight and said NO MORE to the past behaviors.  
  • What if we imagine the scenario from start to finish of being successful, waking up the day of prepared and ready to tackle this Thanksgiving with purpose, determination and refusal to give in to temptations, refusing to overindulge and laser focus to staying on program?

WHAT IF BECOMES REALITY!   Instead of what if, it now becomes WHEN I…

Pay attention to what thoughts, feelings and scenarios you have when you think about Thanksgiving.   Start paying attention to those people who are setting themselves up to overindulge because hey, if you tell yourself you’re going to do it, you usually do. 

Give yourself a new kind of power this Thanksgiving, the power to do it right, the power to make it successful, the power to move forward, the power to say NO MORE, and the power to say YES to a new and better you.  


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