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Do Men Lose Weight Faster than Women Do?

Blog Image: Do Men Lose Weight Faster than Women Do?

Studies suggest that the answer to the question "Do men lose weight faster than women" is a conditional YES. Although weight loss can be challenging for either sex, men tend to lose more weight at first. Also of note, men reportedly also have more weight to lose on average.

In addition to needing to lose more weight on average, men also tend to store visceral fat - a more dangerous type of body fat - around the mid-section. Conversely, men have more muscle mass; which can be very effective at burning stored fat even when their body is at rest. Put simply men generally burn more calories than women do while at rest. Lastly, guys seem to be naturally drawn toward strength training as a “go-to” exercise once they commit to shedding pounds.

Women, on the other hand, are more apt to add cardio to their exercise regime. This isn't to suggest that cardio is an inferior exercise type or not as important. Rather, cardio is equally as important to restoring good health and living well, but generally yields slower weight loss results when compared against strength training.

Generally speaking, if you are a dude, you should be thanking Mother Nature for less estrogen production and more testosterone hormone. This evolutionary adaptation that occurs from puberty through menopause actually produces more subcutaneous body fat in women - despite the fact they may be consuming fewer calories.

Effective Weight Loss is Not a Competition

First and foremost, effective weight loss is not and should never be a competitive event. In fact, the NBC reality show The Biggest Loser has been harshly criticized for its lack of reality when it comes to permanent weight loss and lack of improvement to the contestant’s long-term health and wellness. For those of us living in the real world, a perfectly fit woman will have around ten percent more body fat than a perfectly fit man - that's just genetics and hormones.

Just as cardiovascular training is very important for men who want to lose weight and improve their overall health, a little strength training added to a woman’s regime can increase muscle mass and boost her metabolism, too. The key to most things - including weight loss and maintanence - is balance.

Dieting, especially for those following a fad diet, often accentuates the differences in how men and women shed unwanted pounds. A study conducted by U.K. weight loss specialists measured the results of men and women who followed commercially-available weight loss plans. Although the initial results favored one group over the other, the eventual effects of added training, improved nutrition, and lifestyle modifications leveled off - at the end of the day men and women were equally successful. Where the men tended to lose the most weight early on, the women’s group caught up to the men’s around the six-month mark. 

Blog Image: Do Men Lose Weight Faster than Women Do?

Mother Nature, Father Time, and Your Genes

Just as Mother Nature can make it more difficult to lose weight quickly, Father Time can reduce one’s ability to lose weight as they age. At Metabolic Research Center, our weight loss specialists believe that 2+ pounds per week is a good, healthy weight loss goal. How much you'll actually lose each week can depend on many factors including genes, weight to lose, health, and more. At Metabolic Research Center, rather than focusing solely on the number on the scale, we couple your rate of loss with important health metrics that live outside of the scale: inches lost, health improvements, prescription medication reductions, lifestyle milestones, and so much more. All of these together paint a brighter, clearer, picture and measurement of "success" on your weight loss and health journey. Rest assured, you will feel motivated by all of the various healthy changes and wins along the way!

Along with a change to eating habits and exercise routines, both men and women should aspire to make other lifestyle changes to truly optimize hormonal balance. Getting enough sleep and better managing stress are two very important, but often overlooked, components of healthy long-term weight loss. Moreover, any failed approach can trigger a cycle of having less energy coupled with an increase in appetite that can cause either sex to gain the weight back - and often in less time than it originally took them to lose the weight in the first place. This viscious cycle is nearly impossible to break until the weight loss approach is changed - shifting from "short term diet" to "long term lifestyle change." The weight loss programs for men and women focus on the latter.

Unfortunately, there is no miracle pill/cleanse/shake or fad diet that is proven to be a safe, effective approach to permanent weight loss. And anyone that is promising you a "quick fix" will not be able to deliver in the long term. Since losing weight is already difficult enough, it does not need to be complicated by failed tricks of the trade. At Metabolic Research Center our programs shift the mentality from "starting and stopping a diet" to "adopting new healthy, permanent lifestyle changes." You will lose the weight now in a healthy manner, learning habits that you will take with you into the future that will allow you to successfully keep that lost weight off for a lifetime. 

Ignore the Differences by Focusing on Your Goals

We’ve already determined that men tend to lose weight more quickly than women at first, but all is not lost for women. Women who stick with a similar plan tend to catch up rather quickly and may even enjoy better long-term results.

Nonetheless, with either sex, setbacks are bound to happen throughout the weight loss journey. When they do happen it is important for both men and women to remain focused on their goals. This is where having the right network or one-on-one coaching can make the difference between continued success and another failed attempt.

Because your best friends and our closest family members may not be the right fit for that role, it's crucial to make sure anyone you choose to be a part of your support system truly wants you to succeed and will refrain from influencing you to step outside of your healthy habits and goals. This is where the support of an unbiased third party can be the key to staying on track. After all, many successful athletes have a professional trainer in their corner; so, you, too, should have a professional weight loss coach in your corner for your journey.

One of the biggest benefits to our clients at Metabolic Research Center comes from the education and support for how to effectively manage a weight journey despite the obstacles you are sure to encounter. Through one-on-one coaching focused on you, your goals, your upcoming events, your hurdles, and more, our dedicated team will also help you adopt new eating habits based on your personalized menu plan. This balanced approach will provide you with a practical lifestyle change that yields long term weight loss results. Ready to learn more about how MRC's approach to weight loss can work for you? Connect with your local MRC Team today!


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