Catherine Walks the Stage After Losing 73 Pounds!


What an amazing moment to watch Catherine walk the stage, showing off her 73.5 pound weight loss. Her joy and enthusiasm are contageous.Catherine was selected to strut her stuff in MRC's A New You Fashion Show at the Orange Park Mall in Jacksonville, FL. She was dressed by the fashionistas at Dillards, her hair and makeup were styled and she was given the royal treatment, what a day! After struggling for years with thyroid and other health issues, she gained over 70 pounds and began the yo-yo diet cycle, finding no long term success. After a trusted friend referred her to Metabolic Research Center and things quickly began to change! After losing over 70 pounds she says "I feel whole. I am comfortable in my own skin now.".

Watch as Catherine shares her story of transformation.


Catherine weight loss


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The Columbus, Indiana staff are so supportive!! I was scared to go on maintenance and they are helping me every step of the way! Lost 39 lbs and with their help, keeping it off!!

— Terry Byrd-Dinsmore

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