Feeling exhausted? Low on willpower?

Blog Image: Feeling exhausted? Low on willpower?

Help! I've fallen off my program and I can't find the energy or motivation to get up! My get-up and go has got up and went! Most of us can relate to this because we have been there before. Does this sound familiar to you, too? First thing Monday morning you tell yourself, “I am doing this. Period.” Your day starts off by hitting the snooze button a few times, but you are finally able to muster up enough willpower to put your feet on the floor. Give me coffee NOW is what you are thinking! Breakfast is a home run and 100% on track! But as you continue through you day, you start to lose a little steam. That's when the justifications begin, and perhaps you start having thoughts like "It's Monday. I am supposed to feel this way" or "I just need a pick me up".  Before you realize what's happening, you've already popped the top on a caffeinated beverage and hit up the vending machine. Oh well. There's always tomorrow, right? I'll just try again then... 

Not only does this cycle feel very familiar to many of us, but also how FRUSTRATING is this?! The scenario above may be pointing towards signs of Adrenal Fatigue. And the good news is that you CAN break the cycle! The problem isn't that you don't want this weight loss bad enough or that getting tired is normal as we get older; rather, the culprit may be stress and exhaustion.

Do you want your energy back? How about the ability to peel yourself off the couch after you get home from work? If you answered YES to either (or likely both of these), then keep on reading to learn more about how you can take back control of your energy and health!

Let's talk first about the science of your body and adrenals. Your adrenal glands are located on top of your kidneys and are involved in the production of the hormones cortisol, DHEA, and testosterone. There are many factors that can affect adrenal function such as stress, recovery from illness, prescription drug use, and lifestyle habits (e.g., overconsumption of caffeine, excess alcohol intake, smoking, and eating too many processed foods). Some of these things are not directly within your control, but many of them are (and many more can still be influenced by your choices). By taking control of these factors, you can have a positive impact on your health, weight loss, and general feelings of well-being.

Internally, suffering from adrenal insufficiency can make you feel like you’re going crazy! Symptoms often time include the inability to get out of bed in the morning, feeling tired after a good night’s sleep, sleep disturbances, severe lack of energy, the dreaded afternoon "crash", non-existent libido, cravings for salty foods, feeling mentally "fuzzy", and no interest in the things that you once enjoyed - just to name a few.  Physically, you may feel like rapid aging has kicked in, leading to fine lines, thinning hair, loss of lean muscle mass and an increase in abdominal fat. None of these things are desirable; so, why keep living in a way that doesn't serve you?

Relief is just a few steps away and change can start NOW! You can start taking real steps towards relief by first completing the Hormone Imbalance Checklist below. Then call or visit your Center and ask your Weight Loss Coach to review the Checklist to help determine if you are in fact falling prey to hormonal imbalances. Together, you'll formulate an actional plan for your success! 

Hormone Imbalance Quiz

This quick quiz will ask several questions to assess whether you are experiencing symptoms that can indicate a hormone imbalance. Let's start by learning more about you.

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 Additional Tips:

  • Get adequate sleep. Lack of sleep or poor quality sleep can impact your hormones and your weight loss. We like to say “If you are not snoozing, you are not losing.”

  • Relax and de-stress. Ask yourself, “What activities make me feel good?” And engage in those activities. Is it a hot bubble bath? Is it reading a book? Is it taking a walk around the block listening to your favorite “go-get-em” tune? Make time for YOU and you mental wellness, and your body will thank you for it!

  • Test your hormones. Knowledge Is Power. With our Hormone Detection Kit, you can not only know what hormonal factors are hindering your weight loss efforts, but you can address and correct them!

  • Gentle exercise proves time and time again to provide infinitely more benefits than costs. Help to alleviate stress and adrenal fatigue by gentle exercise at your local gym or you can start right at home. It's as easy as taking a walk!

  • Supplementation is key. Talk to your MRC Team today to learn more about what supplements will prove best for you and your symptoms.

You can regain your energy and your willpower. It is within your control and within your reach! If you don't know where or how to start, start by contacting an MRC Coach today!

*The information provided within this article is not to replace a relationship with your Medical Professional.
The laboratory services offered are for informational purposes only. It is not the intention of Metabolic Research Center to provide medical advice but rather to provide you with information to better understand your health. Seek the advice of a trained health professional for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.


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