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Isn't It About Time To Change Your Life?

Blog Image: Isn't It About Time To Change Your Life?

From time to time, things happen in our lives that motivate us to make lifestyle changes to improve our health. These "moments of clarity" are catalysts for making self-improvements to our health, our relationships, our attitudes, and more. And there's no doubt about it - change can be heard! How many times have we started a new habit and fallen short of solidifying it permenently into our lifestyles? Sometimes, we lost motivation. Or we get "close enough" not realizing that in order to make these changes permanent we must see them through to the finish lined. In other cases, the changes we begin to make are made for the wrong reasons, such as making changes for someone other than ourselves. While it may be the influence of another that nudges and motivates us to these changes, lasting changes will only become lifelong habits if we choose to make them for ourselves. Unfortunately, changes made for others often lack the commitment necessary to follow through. Once you've got in your head though that you are certain the changes are for you, we've got a few tips to help make sure these changes stick.

Learn from your mistakes. Failed attempts are truly only failures if you don't learn something from them. For example, if you fail at one diet or exercise, learn from the experience and avoid those pitfalls when you make your next attempt. Take a moment to critically think about where you fell off that pathway. In the case of a dropped exercise regimen: was it the cost of a gym membership? Was it having to get up at 5:00AM to fit a work out in everyday when you are naturally more of a night owl? In the case of a diet: did you grow tired of eating the same meals everyday? Were those you loved not supportive or receptive to your new lifestyle? Were you finding yourself snacking late at night? All of these questions and more are important to discuss internally (or even write them down). Have these conversations with yourself. By better understanding where you "fell of the wagon" so to speak, you'll figure out what works for you and your lifestyle; better able to prep yourself for success the next time around!

Adapt your changes to you. Whenever you try something new, be sure to go through that list of things that do not work for you. Early morning workouts not your thing? Find time to work afternoon or evening workouts into your schedule. Adapt an exercise program. "No carb" sounds great on paper but just isn't right to get you through your day and maintain long-term? Adjust a diet to meet your individual needs. Find a plan that allows a healthy balance of carbohydrates with other healthy foods to facilitate weight loss. Pro Tip: Metabolic Research Center has several plans that incorporate fruit and starch carbohydrates into their weight loss menus! Talk to an MRC Weight Loss Specialist today to learn more about a personalized menu that's right for your lifestyle and body. Bottom line: just because you failed at a change in the past doesn't mean you can't ever make that change. It just means you'll need to approach that change from a different angle. By learning from previous mistakes, you will begin to find your own path to wellness. If it works for you and you can see noticeable benefits, then it is much easier to make lifelong, healthy habits and choices.

Believe in yourself. Okay, we know this one sounds cheesy, but it's true. If you set a goal, make sure you have the confidence in yourself to see it through. If you say to yourself "I want to lose 100 pounds", well then you need to believe that you can get there. When it comes to reaching your goals, YOUR support is the most important. How much more difficult is it going to be to reach that goal if your on the sidelines in the back of your mind saying "you can't do this" or "you'll never get there". Your goals start and end with YOU! Don't talk yourself out of achieving the things you want most for your life. Once you've got yourself on board with your healthy goals, it can be very helpful to get others on board, too. This can be family members, loved ones, close friends, and more. Becuase it can be difficult to make certain changes on your own. Many find the support of an outside party incredibly helpful to reaching goals. Think about it. You may want to fix a leak on your roof, but you're probably not going to go up there yourself and patch it up perfectly; so, you hire a professional to do it for you! While you might have been able to do it on your own, the contractor is a professional and can help you fix that problem much quicker and with much less stress than on your own. The same is true of weight loss. You could do it on your own...but why not work with a professional to make the process less stressful, easier, and more rewarding? Together you can form a support system that will have you working towards your goals. By working with the professionals at MRC, you will have someone to celebrate your achievements and keep you focused on and driving towards each and every milestone!


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Just wanted to update....this place is a down nearly 100 lbs and off a few of my medications that I was on! This is not a crash diet or anything like that....they give you the tools to make better choices and don't beat you up if you mess up. I would recommend this place to anyone that has PCOS like me. It's hard to lose the weight and keep it off due to this syndrome. Last check up I had with my doctor and my PCOS is being managed very well. I have found a me that I never thought I could find! There is a support network unlike any are not doing it alone; they actually help build you up and motivate you but hold you accountable. Ladies here are awesome, and I'm definitely glad I started my program...already lost 30lbs and food tastes really good!


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