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Plan that today, you will "CARE."

Adapted from The Wt. Loss Minute By Linda Spangle, RN, MA

You're probably familiar with the old game "He loves me, he loves me not." Using a flower such as a daisy, you pull off one petal at a time. As you remove each petal, you alternate saying the phrases, "He (or she) loves me, he (or she) loves me not." Whichever one you say as you pull off the last
petal will answer the question, "Does he (or she) love me?"

Sometimes your weight-loss efforts might feel as random as the flower petal game. The only difference is that you're trying to predict whether or not you "care" about losing weight.

Some days, you are certain that you do care. Then a few days later, you get discouraged, or life throws you a few challenges. Suddenly you decide to skip your workout, and eat whatever you want. You just pulled out the "I don't care" petal.

But what if that petal comes up a lot? Or maybe you "care" during the week, but "don't care" on weekends? Unfortunately, the "don't care" days seem to quickly undo the progress you made on the days you did care. Eventually, weeks or even months can go by without you making any progress on losing weight.

If you're struggling with "not caring," don't assume there's something wrong with you or that you lack willpower or self-discipline. Instead, when stress and life challenges drain your energy, losing weight moves a lot lower on your priority list.

What's bothering you?

Take a look at your life and see if you can figure out what's bothering you or affecting your motivation. Not
sticking with your diet plan doesn't always mean you don't care about it anymore. Instead, it's usually a sign that something else requires your attention.

Identify some of the things that are demanding your energy and focus right now. Perhaps you're stressed and overworked. Or maybe you're dreading the holiday season filled with bored kids, travel, and out-of-town guests.

Once you label what's affecting your ability to "care," you can create a plan for managing those challenges better.  Consider ways to get more rest, or relax more, or decrease the stress from life and family demands. Move your own needs higher on your priority list. Look for ways to take care of yourself instead of dedicating all your time and energy to others.

Label each day as the day “I CARE” 

Each morning, tell yourself, "this a the day that I care." Once you label it as a day that you "care," live all day with that goal in front of you.  Even if you're tired or not very motivated, take a walk or do some other type of exercise. Remind yourself that today, you "care." Then do your workout even if you don't feel like it. In the same way, when you're tempted to reach for the bag of cookies or the leftover dessert, stop yourself and say, "No! this is a day that I care, so I won't eat that."

Consider making a sign that says, "I do care." Post it where you can see it easily, or carry it along inside your pocket. Then eat your healthy meals, take your walk, and use positive self-talk to keep yourself on target. I think you'll be amazed at how this simple idea will change your ability to stay on your plan.

Because deep inside, YOU DO CARE.



Reflection Questions:


What did I want to change when I signed up for my program?


What are all the reasons it is important to me to lose weight?


What are some specific things I can do each and every day to remind myself how much I care and how important this program is to me?


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