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Getting Back in Gear

Blog Image: Getting Back in Gear

The holidays are a time of joy, laughter, love…and overindulgence.  Whether you have a small family that celebrates modestly or a huge tribe that celebrates the entire season through, you may have consumed a little more than usual during the holidays.

That period of overindulging is in the past, today we’ll focus on to  get yourself back in gear.  Most of us feel less-than-ideal after we give into holiday treats.  We feel sluggish, fatigued, and we may lack motivation to change.  All of these feelings are completely normal while our bodies are trying to recover from an influx of added sugar, fat, and preservatives.  Some people even refer to this as a junk food “hangover”.  The body gets used to the foods it is being fed, and it starts to withdrawal from those foods as soon as they stop being consumed.  Albeit unpleasant, this is a completely normal physical reaction.  Some people who heavily overindulged in sugar may have headaches once it is removed from the diet.  The good news? All of these symptoms are short-lived and the solutions are outlined below!

There are many factors that contribute to our unhealthy eating habits during the holidays.  Stress, lack of sleep, less time outdoors and exercising...mix these in with holiday engagements, and it all leads to chronic overeating.  This new unhealthy eating habit runs in patterns, because our body craves more and more of the same.  The best way to stop this cycle is to remove the food that is causing it.  

Now you are asking, “What can I do to get myself back in gear?”  Below are some simple steps you can take help you back on track quickly and easily.

Remove the Unhealthy Food

Step one is to stop eating the food (or drinking the beverages) that are causing the continuous cycle of cravings, fatigue, and even weight gain.  Removing those foods and beverages allows the body to start its natural detox process.  That process is the first step in bringing your body back into balance and eliminating the ill-effects of holiday eating.

Drink Lots of Water

The liver is the main organ involved in detoxing the body naturally.  The liver needs plenty of water to work efficiently.  Drinking water assists the liver in its natural detox process. Additionally, it helps keep your skin clear and relieves bloating.  Water can also make you feel fuller, thus satisfying lingering cravings.

Eating Healthy

Now that all the junk food is out of your diet, healthy foods should be incorporated into their place.  Healthy foods start to tell the body what to expect for energy.  They replenish depleted stores of vitamins and minerals while also providing adequate nutrition.


One of the best ways to rebound from a holiday food-fest is to hop in the gym and sweat it out.  Not only will your body thank you, but so will your mind.  You will feel more motivation after just the first workout!

Detox Your Liver

To assist your liver in the detox process, a liver supplement can be extremely beneficial.  Liver supplements are usually made from natural herbs and help the liver run efficiently.  These can be found at your local MRC in the form of Internal Cleanser.

Press the “restart” button on a new YOU this season TODAY! ☺


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