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Cooler Than Candy: Halloween Treat Ideas

Blog Image: Cooler Than Candy: Halloween Treat Ideas

We know, kids love candy! BUT, kids also love bugs, ghouls, vampire teeth, glow sticks and cheesy fake jewelry. This year we are all focused on being healthier, being our best self, and having fun, so let’s carry that spirit right into the Halloween season, yes I said season...it last for weeks. With over $2 BILLION spent on Halloween candy, each year give your trick or treaters something that will last long past the candy, the belly ache, the sugar coma, and the dental visit ;)

Be a rebel, be unique, go ahead and fly your FUN FLAG! Instead of spending your money of candy that causes obesity, cavities, and tummy trouble, give them fun, wacky, totally goofy treats that they’ll talk about all year.

 Here are some of our favorites: 

  • Halloween Toy Packs – Get a wide variety of different toys including the ever popular vampire teeth. We got this 50 piece pack at Walmart for $4.97, that’s cheaper a bag of candy!

  • Jewelry for the Princess – We found huge jewel rings, heart-shaped bracelets and fun little necklaces in the party supply section. TIP: Lots of great giveaways can be found in the party section, skip the Halloween aisles and go straight to the party supplies. 
  • Glow In The Dark Bracelets immediate fun! Your treaters will pop open their want to break these out before they even sneak their first candy bite.

  • Coloring Books and Crayons are wonderful for your littlest ghosts. You can find character themed coloring books at the Dollar Store or Walmart for under $1. Sometimes you can even find 10 packs for super cheap.
  • Yo-Yos are always a favorite, who doesn’t love to Yo-yo?

  • Stickers!! Kids love stickers and temporary tattoos. You can never go wrong offering sheets of cool stickers. They are inexpensive, fun, and easy to find.
  • Cars and Trucks – Hot Wheels or similar style cars will go fast, you can find them in the party section in 4 packs for $1.97…score! 

Blog Image: Cooler Than Candy: Halloween Treat Ideas



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