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Change your thinking, change your eating

Blog Image: Change your thinking, change your eating

In gathering quotes, we sometimes come across one that really resonates with us. Recently, we stumpled upon this one: "the world we have created is a product of our thinking.  It cannot be changed without changing our thinking" -Albert Einstein. If we are reflective upon the changes and evolutions we've made over time - and are also honest with ourselves - we'll likley realize that these changes were the result of the way we think about those things. For example, our successful eating habits have been a result of changing not only what we eat but the way we think about food. And failures in the past, when thought upon critically enough, will likely be shown to be a direct result of us attempting to change our behavior without also changing our thinking.

When it comes to food and eating, it is only when we change the way we think about healthy eating that we are truly able to make lasting change. So, let's look closer at how we think about the foods we eat. How many of us have looked at an unhealthy food and thought, "I really can't have that; it's not good for me even though it tastes divine and looks scrumptious", or "I have to give that up because I'm on a diet and feeling gross"? Probably all of us reading this right now. Thoughts like that don't empower us to make permanent, lasting changes. So, instead, what if we looked at an unhealthy food and thought, "it may look divine, but looks are deceiving, and that food is actually poison to my brain, my body and my goals to look and feel good. No way I'm eating that and nobody can make me!" That may sound extreme at first, but we truly have to think of things that harm our bodies and our health as exactly what they are - poison to our bodies, our minds, and our goals for ourselves. The effects of high fat, high sugar, and highly processed foods are MISERABLE! We need to see these foods as what they are instead of letting ourselves fall into the trap of thinking that these foods are "comforting", "stress relieving" and "boredom relief". Those effects are only temporary, and then the negative feelings quickly set in behind them. Changing the way we think about these foods is just the first step. The next is changing our focus. Focus less on the high-fat snacks and more on foods that do make our bodies happy and healthy. By focusing more on these healthy foods and looking at them as fresh, clean, healthy foods that make us more beautiful, more healthy, and give us more energy. Those are the kinds of feelings we want, need, and crave more of in our life! What a difference just these simple shifts in how we think about things can make. Try it and see how your world becomes willingly, welcomingly and gladly filled with fresh, healthy, non-processed foods. You'll find yourself feeling and looking great both inside and out...and you'll stick with it!
So, while you're losing weight and becoming a healthier you, you must remember that it's not just the habit of what you eat that needs to change; it is your outlook and what you tell yourself, picture and feel about your food. Not sure how to start? Take a look introspectively at what your current relationship with food is:

  • What do you tell yourself about food?
  • How do you see food?
  • What are your feelings about food?    

Knowing where you're starting will help you visualize better where you want to be. For some of us, these kinds of long-term lifestyle changes are not easy. That's where your Weight Loss Specialists at MRC come in. They've got the tools, the training, the knowledge, and the compassion to help you reach that goal with your health and your bodies. Many of them, in fact, embarked on their own journeys of change and weight loss before joining our teams. So when we say "we understand" truly, your in the hands of a team that does. Talk to a Weight Loss Specialist today about the various tools, classes, handouts, and coaching sessions that can help you see, feel, and talk about food differently.

These tactics outlined above are not only applicable to food. You can apply them virtually anywhere and to any sitution to which you wish to bring about change. We'll leave you with this example that is probably relateable to many: the woman who is trying to change her exercise habits. I'm still working on my exercise world. That used to a constant start-stop struggle which is now resolving as I turn my newfound wisdom and thinking skills to change my worldview. I'm moving on from "Sheesh! What a chore! I have so many other things that I really could be doing. This takes so much time. I'm tired and my body really needs to rest"...she now shifts these thoughts to "Wow, this feels SO good! I can see my body getting tighter. I feel so much stronger. I'm also feeling more energized and less stressed. I'm going to keep doing this because I want to keep feeling like this!" One of our favorite quotes that we'll leave you with (especially those of you who can relate to the exercise example above) is "Sweat is fat crying." Well, we say cry, fat cry!


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