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Change your thinking, change your eating


In gathering quotes, I came across one that really resonated with me... "the world we have created is a product of our thinking.  It cannot be changed without changing our thinking" -Albert Einstein.   As I reflected on the changes and evolutions I have made and am still working on, I realized that my successful eating habits have been a result of changing the way I think about food.  My failures in the past were a direct result of me trying to change my behavior without changing my thinking.

It was only when I changed the way I thought about healthy eating that I was able to really change.   Instead of "I really can't have that, its not good for me even though it tastes divine and looks scrumptious", or "I have to give that up because I am on a diet and feeling gross" I now think   "it may look divine but looks are deceiving and that food is actually poison to my brain, my body and my goals to look and feel good.   No way I'm eating that and nobody can make me!" I really started looking at, telling myself and feeling the effects of high fat, high sugar, highly processed foods as poison to my mind and body instead of looking to them for comfort, stress and boredom relief. I now look at fresh, clean, healthy foods as making me more beautiful, more healthy and giving me more energy.   What a difference my change in thinking has made. My world is now full of fresh, healthy, non-processed foods and I feel and look great inside and out.
While losing weight and becoming the healthier you, it is not just your food habits that need changing, it is your outlook and what you tell yourself, picture and feel about your food that needs the adjustment.   The first step is to find what your relationship with food is, what do you tell yourself about food, how do you see food and what are your feelings about food?    Your weight loss consultants have so many tools, classes, and handouts to help you see, feel and talk about food differently.   

I'm still working on my exercise world.  That used to be constant start, stop struggle which is now resolving as I turn my newfound wisdom and thinking skills to change my worldview.  I'm moving from "sheesh, what a chore...I have so many other things that I really should be doing, gosh this takes so much time, I'm tired and my body really needs to rest" to "wow this feels sooo good, I can see my body getting tighter, and I feel so much stronger.  Hmm, I am also feeling more energized and less stress.  I'm keeping this!".   I also discovered a wonderful quote on the bathroom wall of an exercise facility that makes me look forward to and relish getting slimy, stinky, look like I stepped out of a pool but smell like a locker room sweaty when exercising!   Ready for it...  "Sweat is fat crying."   Cry fat cry!  


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