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Be Bold, Believe In Yourself, Have a Healthy Holiday

Blog Image: Be Bold, Believe In Yourself, Have a Healthy Holiday

Losing weight…the most coveted of all New Year’s resolutions! Each year, millions of people around the world vow to start the New Year by exercising more, eating less, and “really sticking with” their plan to lose weight. The new year offers us a fresh start, a chance to “get it right” and renew our commitment to achieving a healthier lifestyle. Yet, somewhere along the way, we’ve convinced ourselves that this journey can only commence on the 1st of January? Why not start now, BEFORE the holidays?

The holiday season is often a challenging time of year for those of us struggling with our weight. In fact, it’s even hard for those who aren’t trying to shed the pounds. Come November, many of our evenings and weekends are packed with an endless stream of luncheons, parties, dinners and happy hours. What’s the common theme for all of these celebratory gatherings? FOOD! It’s everywhere. The cakes, the cookies, the special treats and signature drinks! Friends, family and co-workers urging you to eat more, drink more, and proclaiming, “you’ve just got to try this cake I made!” What are we to do? Typically, we give in…we indulge. We eat the box of cookies, we have that extra helping of pumpkin pie, and we drink those peppermint-flavored martinis! Before we know it, we have packed on another 10 pounds from Thanksgiving to Christmas! BAH HUMBUG!

Blog Image: Be Bold, Believe In Yourself, Have a Healthy Holiday

To make matters worse, the holiday season can increase our stress levels, which wouldn’t be a problem if the average person reached for a stalk a broccoli instead of the nearest box of assorted chocolates to find relief. Nope, it’s got to be the chips, the sweets, the candy, the ice cream... the high-fat, carbohydrate-loaded, high-sugar, feel-good food, which is abundance during the holidays. So again, what are we to do?

Instead of using the holidays as an excuse to indulge, start thinking about the holidays as a pre-emptive strike to set yourself on the road to a healthier you! Consider this…you have set a goal or made a “resolution” to lose weight, and you’ve made the decision to start working towards this goal BEFORE the holidays. Committing to this resolution right now can really help you become more aware of your food choices, allowing you to make better decisions throughout the holiday season! Plus, you can set yourself up for success by setting reasonable goals, tracking your progress, remaining focused, and asking for support when needed! Instead of just riding the holiday wave of overindulgence, you can actually come out on the other side having maintained your current weight, or even (and I gasp) weighing LESS than you did before! Talk about a FRESH start to the New Year!

Be bold, believe in yourself, and don’t be afraid to set some amazing goals for yourself, sooner rather than later! In fact, you can start RIGHT NOW! Vow to have one less piece of pie, one less glass of wine, and one less helping of that mystery casserole! There are so many things you can do this holiday season to help ensure that you start 2013 off with a bang! You can donate food gifts to charity. Think of non-food related rewards to help reduce your stress levels. Make a point to take time for yourself. Give yourself the gift of health this holiday season, and turn your resolutions into real accomplishments!



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