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Getting Back on Track NOW with your Weight Loss Goals

Blog Image: Getting Back on Track NOW with your Weight Loss Goals

At some point during your weight loss program it’ll’ll lose your motivation. The reason for losing it isn’t nearly as important as finding a way to reactivate it! What you choose to do in these critical moments will shape and set the tone for your future results. Whether you've only just stepped a foot off the beaten path or are complely lost in the woods, you CAN get back on track! Start with these tips, and start with them now (don’t wait until Monday or until it's convenient)! The time to take action is RIGHT NOW. We've compiled our Top 8 actionable ways to regain your motivation and keep moving forward towards your goals. These tips are in the context of weight loss, but several are actionable in other areas of life, too - so take what serves you and put it to good use in your life.

1. Let it Go...and Move On! 

Whatever the reason or the cause for your lapse, it’s never a good enough reason to blow off your entire program and all of the good effort you’ve put in to date. Don’t waste time ruminating on it, sitting with it, thinking about it, or wondering and obsessing over it. Focusing so much on the problem instead of on the solution only serves to magnify it and make it worse. Yes, it’s good to take a brief moment to figure out when, where and why you got off track, but that takes only a moment.  Acknowledge it and then move past it. Let it go, and move on.




2. Don’t Throw Away All of Your Success! 

Let’s look at this one from a different perspective than weight loss. You’ve just won a million dollars! You’re super excited (of course you are, who wouldn’t be), but you’ve just found out you have to pay $250,000 in taxes. Are you going to say, “oh forget it! You can just have it all back!” Of course you won’t! You’re still going to take the $750,000 and consider it a big win! So, why then, are we so quick to just throw our entire weight loss program and all of the wins we’ve acquired for ourselves to date out the window? We need to stop saying, “well I’ve gained 3 pounds back, I might as well gain the other 22 back, too!” If that sounds ridiculous, it should. But far too often that’s the kind of mindset we acquire after having one bad day, and we’ve got to put a stop to it. Every pound that you’ve lost is significant and comes with benefits that far exceed just the number on the scale: your mood is better, your energy is increased, you’re more hydrated than ever, your immune system, brain & heart are functioning better, and your self confidence is through the roof - everything is better! So, the next time you get that itch to walk away from the $750,000, take a moment to notice your weight loss benefits (ALL of them), and then get back on your program at your very next meal!   Do not wait until tomorrow, Monday, or until after your planned vacation. Reclaim the success you’ve already earned right now! Your program is not an “all or nothing” venture. It’s one step, one meal, and one milestone at a team that all work together to equal success.


3. Use Your Meal Planner...and Follow It! 

Blog Image: Getting Back on Track NOW with your Weight Loss Goals

If you’re not journaling your meals, you need to start. Start at your next meal. Start right now. Just START! Remember, if you bite it, you write it (good, bad, ugly - whatever). This not only keeps you honest, but equally as important for us as your coaches. You’re paying us to coach you to success - we certainly want you to get your money’s worth! There’s no judgement in the center (even as coaches and HUMANS, we’ve ALL been there!). It would be the same as going to your doctor for constipation but then being afraid to discuss it with your doctor. Your doctor can’t properly help and serve you, and your issue remains unresolved. So when you eat something off program, tell us! We’re simply going to acknowledge it and we’re also going to look at the situation that preceded this “NMC” (non-menu choice). Perhaps you were in heavy traffic and became incredibly stressed or you found yourself caught in a surprise-food scenario for which you were unprepared. Whatever the reason may be, we can’t correct it if we pretend it never existed. No one wins. Instead, let’s explore together the “why” behind this NMC occurred and strategize for how to approach this situation differently next time. So, starting now write it all down. And once you’re comfortable with that you can begin planning ahead for the upcoming week - writing down both your goals and how you plan to reward yourself for sticking to your plan! At the end of the day (whether it’s weight loss or something else): you can’t control what you’re not willing to confront. Your Weight Loss Planner is your aid in gaining control of your choices, your health, and your life.

 4. Advanced Preparation is Paramount to Success! 

Did you know what the #1 cause of making “off program” choices? Lack of preparedness. But being prepared doesn’t mean you’ve got to magically find 30 hours in your week that don’t exist just to create an environment of success. There are so many resources that you can seamlessly incorporate into your daily routines that allow you to plan and prepare for success with just a small chunk of your day. If you haven’t already, purchase your MRC Cookbook. Then check out our website blogs and videos on advanced preparation, recipes, and food preparation ideas and suggestions. “Readiness” is paramount to staying on track. And it really doesn’t have to require as much “work” as you might think. Make the choice and commitment to take the little bit of time it takes to prepare in advance. You’ll not only save your program, but you’ll save time and money, too!

5. Remember Why You’re Doing This! 

It may seem silly or simple, but seriously - reminding yourself of “why I started in the first place” can completely revamp your mindset and realign priorities. If you’re having trouble remembering the exact reason, then we suggest exploring the answers to some of these questions: What will improve with weight loss? What will you look forward to? How will you look? How will your health change? Your mindset? What will happen to you mentally? How about your movement and mobility? Having fun playing with kids and grandkids? Getting off medications? Just thinking about how all of these things (and others) will be impacted when you lose weight WILL motivate you. And as you think about them and reflect on them, write them down so you remember them this time. And the next time you review your list, maybe some things have shifted and changed - and that’s okay. You are constantly growing, and with that, your goals and priorities do, too. The best version of you IS within your reach, and she’s just ahead of you.

6. Eating Should be Enjoyable! 

We’re not kidding about this one. Yes, you’re trying to lose weight and trying to gain a healthier lifestyle. That does NOT mean your meals should be boring and bland. The last thing we want for you to feel while making this long term lifestyle change is bored. The great news is that on your MRC menu, you’re not going to be bored. There are over 140 food choices on your menu and endless combinations. If you’re not a professional chef by nature or trade, that’s okay! We’ve got a plethora of resources and recipes that make meals easy, simple, delicious, and fun. Whether you like easy or elaborate recipes, we’ve got what you’re looking for. Still struggling or finding it difficult to create meals that excite you? Start with your Coach! That’s what we’re here for!

7. Tools That Work! 

Here are some MRC-friendly tools that work when it comes to helping you get your body and mind back on track:

  • High Nutrient Supplements (HNS): Increase your protein intake without adding unhealthy calories, ensure continuous fat burning, help increase your average pounds lost per week, enjoy feeling fuller throughout the day, and support lean muscle mass. Depending upon your weight loss needs, you can enjoy these delicious supplements 3 to 5 times per day.
  • Water: It’s your number one defense against pseudo-hunger (you know, that feeling that makes you think you’re hungry but you’re really not)! Not only does water make you feel fuller, it also helps to increase energy, give a clear and glowy look to your complexion, and encourages waste elimination! Talk about an internal cleanse that doesn’t even cost a dime!
  • Fiber: Fiber will help you feel fuller longer, and it may also help improve digestion, waste elimination, reduce constipation, and cleanse the colon. Did we mention it helps burn calories too? So go ahead and incorporate more fiber into your diet through MRC Fulfill Fiber Sticks.
  • MRC Internal Cleanser: Helps to cleanse the body of toxins and aid with bowel regularity. Talk to your MRC Coach to see if this product is right for you.
  • Metabolic Glucose Formula: Helps keep blood sugar levels steady all day long. Talk to your MRC Coach to see if this product is right for you.

8. Weigh Ins! 

Of all the tools we provide here at MRC, nothing trumps being in contact with and visiting your center on a consistent, regular basis. These one-on-one weigh ins are time dedicated to you and your needs alone. This is your time to share with us what it is you need to feel and be successful and how we can best support you in that endeavor. In the hustle and bustle of life, it can be easy to put some things to the side - do not disregard your weigh ins. If your health is a priority, then your weigh ins should be, too. In this space, we’ll meet your challenges head on and you’ll leave with an action plan designed to bring the success you deserve! There is no problem too big or small that we’re not willing to embrace and attempt to solve. You have our full attention and the floor is yours. Make no mistake, we do understand that things happen and it’s not always possible to make it into the center. That’s okay. If that’s the case, we’ll connect with you remotely over the phone or through Zoom. This resource is yours, and we want you to own it to its fullest potential! Because the overwhelming majority of successful MRC Clients agree that their weigh ins and relationship with their Weight Loss Specialists and Coaches was the key to their success this time!


Blog Image: Getting Back on Track NOW with your Weight Loss GoalsBlog Image: Getting Back on Track NOW with your Weight Loss Goals

So Let’s Recap...

  • Let it go and move on! We all make mistakes, forgive yourself and move on!
  • Don’t throw away all of your success! Every pound of weight loss is proof of your hard work and dedication. It’s well worth hanging on to!
  • Use your meal planner and follow it. It’ll keep you on track and losing consistently!
  • Advanced preparation is paramount to success! Shell out just a little bit of time now to set yourself up for success in the long run!
  • Remind yourself “why you started”! Sometimes this is all it takes to remotivate you!
  • Eating is enjoyable! Healthy eating doesn’t have to be dull, boring and lackluster. You have a world of possibility on your menu; so choose and prepare foods that you love and that are delicious! Or talk to your coach for ideas and inspiration to spice up your mealtime (figuratively and literally).
  • Utilize MRC-friendly tools: HNS, water, fiber, Internal Cleanser, and Metabolic Glucose Formula.
  • Make your weigh ins a top priority! They are the pathway to success!


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