Can Garlic Keep You Healthy?

Two Knobs of Garlic

You may have considered pulling out a few garlic cloves after one too many late-night vampire films. But, does garlic offer your body any health benefits?

Currently, most people use garlic simply as an herb for flavoring dishes as widespread as vegetable gratin to chicken or fish. However, since ancient times, garlic has been used medicinally. According to Medical News Today, for many centuries, garlic was used to treat digestive and respiratory problems and fatigue. Even today, this root vegetable closely related to the onion, is used therapeutically to treat hypertension, high cholesterol, and heart disease. Doctors have found it helpful in preventing many cancers such as those involving the prostate, lung, rectal, breast, and colon.

Here are just a few studies that demonstrate the healthfulness of including garlic in your diet.

Researchers at Emory University Medical School found that people who took garlic after having a heart attack, and received the benefits of a garlic component referred to as diallyl trisulfide, had greater protection during cardiac surgery.

Scientists working at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health Division of Epidemiology set out to study the impact of Alliums like garlic on microbial infections experienced by pregnant women. The results of the study found that garlic was linked to a decreased risk of spontaneous preterm delivery.

Are you wondering how you should consume garlic to get the maximum benefits?

It's easy to obtain the nutritious, antioxidant-rich, low-calorie benefits of garlic. While the herb comes in many forms, from dried to fresh minced, the most effective form to eat it is in its freshest state, based on information from Authority Nutrition. Dried cloves do maintain some health benefits, but fresh cloves provide a powerful punch of life-prolonging advantages.

Just remember to follow behind it with a breath mint; it's pungent smell can be disarming.


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