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An Apple a Day Keeps More Than Just The Doctor Away

Blog Image: An Apple a Day Keeps More Than Just The Doctor Away

Did you know that very few Americans get in the recommended amount of fruit for a healthy lifestyle each day?  In fact, that number is so low that more than 2/3 of Americans are overweight or obese!  This number is due to more than just missing the intake of daily fruit, but also missing the daily amount of vegetables, vitamins and other healthy proteins.  If you only knew the benefits of fruits, you may want to change your thinking on your eating lifestyle. 

For example, the popular saying goes, “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away”, but did you ever think of the positive effects an apple can have on you?  Some studies would say that an apple’s components are essential for normal growth.  Do you have children?  Are they getting these essentials?  Apples also contain Vitamin C which is proven to help the body build resistance to infection.  An apple is a great source of B-Complex vitamins which help increase metabolism and of course, the apple is a great low-calorie fruit. 

Strawberries, another favorite fruit, are a rich source of vitamins and nutrients for good health.  Like the apple, the strawberry is rich in Vitamin C and is a powerful antioxidant that helps fight inflammation and infection.  Studies have even shown that the consumption of strawberries could provide defense against cancer, aging, and even neurological disease.  Strawberries contain Vitamin A which can assist with good vision, helps maintain the skin's elasticity and strength, and can even stop the development of breast cancer!  Vitamin E, also found in strawberries, helps to form red blood cells and even helps fight against some cancers!

The tropical orange, one most commonly consumed, is low in calories and has no saturated fat or cholesterol.  It contains dietary fibers which help with excess weight.  Oranges are rich in Vitamin C which we know now has great effects on the body and it is rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin B Complexes.  Potassium and calcium are also found in oranges. Potassium helps with controlling heart rate and blood pressure by counteracting the sodium in the body and calcium helps with a strong and healthy bone structure!

So the next time you are perusing through the produce section of the grocery store, grab some fruit and start taking in all of the benefits they have to offer!  Why pass up on something that has proven benefits AND tastes spectacular?!


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