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How To Eat At Subway and Lose Weight

Blog Image: How To Eat At Subway and Lose Weight

Eating out is easy with your Metabolic weight loss plan. Just because you're losing weight doesn't mean you can't grab a quick meal or enjoy a dinner out with friends. As long as you know the insider tips and tricks, you can enjoy eating out from time to time.

Subway is convenient, they are located in almost every zip code in the U.S and they are perfect for the picky eater. We love that they let you choose your salad, exactly the way you like it. While we always recommend eating at home, and we know that fresh organic food is optimal, sometimes life just happens, and when it does consider Subway as a program-friendly option.

1) Order a SALAD. Every sub on their menu can be ordered as a salad, although I just ignore the menu completely and order what I want. Start by telling your Sandwich Artist what kind of lettuce you want. Most Subways offer spinach and iceberg, but some have more options. Spinach is far healthier, so if you like spinach make that your choice (or have a little of both).

2) Choose your protein. Subway offers turkey and chicken. For vegetarians they offer cheese, which can be used as your protein serving. Subway's protein serving is 3 oz. On most MRC menus you need 4 oz. You can opt for a small amount of shredded cheese or ask for double meat. For clients in MRC's Level 1 menus, you'll need to request a double meat portion.

3) Top it. This is the fun part. Top your salad with all your favorite vegetables. Tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, and for those who like it hot you can add jalapenos.

Blog Image: How To Eat At Subway and Lose Weight4) Dress it. You can top your salad with oil and vinegar and a dash of pepper, or you can bring your own salad dressing and top it yourself. Subway also has mustard, which should not be overlooked—it is an awesome option for salads. Lastly, they offer a Fat Free Italian. 1 package contains 15 calories, making it another smart option.

5) Add your carb. Subway offers bags of sliced apples. If you don't have fruit with you, ask for a bag of apples and you've got a complete meal.

Blog Image: How To Eat At Subway and Lose Weight


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