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North Little Rock
3807 McCain Park Drive
Suites 119 & 120
North Little Rock, AR 72116
Phone: 501-753-7606
Fax: 501-224-3410

Weight Loss North Little Rock

Contact This Center - 501-753-7606

Hours of Operation
Mon - Fri, 9AM - 7PM
Sat, 9AM - 1PM


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Visit our Noth Little Rock location today and see how fun and easy it is to lose weight with Metabolic Research Center. Call us right now, we can help you start losing weight TODAY. Our simple weight loss menus combined wiht the supportive team in North Little Rock will help you feel years younger in no time at all.

Lana Pate
Amanda McCartney,
Weight Loss Consultant

Amanda has a background with an associate’s degree in general studies and a BS in Exercise Physiology.  She is a certified health fitness specialist and an ACSM certified personal trainer.  She has tried many diets throughout her life to help her maintain, as well  as lose.  Most of the time, she maintains an active lifestyle and has a love for fitness that has helped her to maintain her weight.  Most of the time, she struggled with keeping the weight off and maintaining a healthy diet.  Before becoming a consultant with MRC, she tried the program and lost 35 lbs.  Because of her struggles, she became interested in helping others achieve their goals.  She thrives to watch clients succeed and watch them become a new person they want to be.  She has worked for MRC for over a year and her most fulfilling moments are when clients hit a milestone or stabilization.

Noressa Kennedy,
Weight Loss Consultant

Noressa went to school for communication with a minor in nutrition. She is currently working on a masters in social media marketing.   She has a nutrition certification and looks forward to continuing her knowledge in the field. “You never stop learning/growing.” She has always struggled with her weight and has overcome so much to maintain today.  She was motivated to learn healthy ways to manage weight and took her first nutrition class in college.  The moment she went to that class, she realized she had a passion for it and wanted to share what she learned with others.  Knowing that she is making a difference in people’s lives motivates her every day.  Noressa has worked for MRC for over two years and loves what we stand for in helping are clients achieve healthy lifestyles and losing weight.  Her greatest moment of success is the accomplishments of those happening around her.

Joy Atchison,
Weight Loss Consultant

Joy has a BS in Psychology with minors in F.A.C.S. with an emphasis in nutrition.  She is certified in Body and Balance that gives her the ability to read hormone results.  She struggled with weight from an early age and was able to lose on her own and with the help of MRC.  She has worked for MRC for 4 years and helping clients change their lives and get freedom from the weight loss struggle motivates her.  She struggled personally and she loves helping others achieve that goal.  She feels accomplished when clients are able to reach their goals and maintain healthy lives.  Her passion for helping people break free of the emotional journey that is struggling to lose weight and being able to succeed drives her to keep helping others.