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Our program uses... Real Food

Your menu will be chosen, based on your needs and lifestyle. Our menus are easy to follow and provide you with a wide variety of delicious food choices at each meal. You'll enjoy real, nutritious foods that you'll purchase at your local supermarket or order in restaurants. And best of all, nor pre-package meals, no calorie counting, and no points to track.

Our program recommends... Nutritional Supplementation

MRC offers a variety of nutritional supplements, made from the highest quality ingredients. During your consultation, we'll discuss your options and make recommendations for products, based on your individual needs and recommended menu plan.

Our program offers... One on One Coaching

Our team of compassionate and experienced weight loss consultants will meet with you regularly. During your one-on-one visits, we'll discuss your entire weight loss experience, from what you eat, to why you're eating it. We'll discuss any special circumstances you're facing, such as social events or emotional triggers. And we'll provide tools, tips, accountability, and motivation to help you reach your goals. Your success is our highest priority.

Our program promotes... Healthy Living

Once you've reached your weight loss goal, your Healthy Living phase begins. We'll provide you with guidance and tools to maintain your healthy weight. We offer the education and support you'll need to make healthy choices and stay in control. Our goal is that every client, not only loses the weight, but keeps it off.

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