Rosie's Story

In January 2012, my husband was diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer. My whole world felt like it was falling apart and I tried to ease painful feelings by drinking wine and eating to excess.

In May 2013, I woke up feeling tired, stressed and realizing that this craziness needed to stop. I realized that my husband was going to get sicker and I needed to get myself healthier to be able to take care of him and all the responsibility that came with his dying.

I called Metabolic Research Center and the Weight Loss Consultant explained to me that my whole life felt out of control and this was one area that I could control. I joined on May 10, 2013 and weighed 203 pounds and now weigh about 130 pounds. That's over 70 pounds and 84 inches. I have been on maintenance since December 2013.

I found MRC to be the perfect plan for a continued lifestyle change. The Consultants were my support during my husband's illness, hospice care, death, burial and now helping me through the grieving process. They were there to cheer me on and to encourage me.

I have tried many diets during my lifetime and I found MRC, the supplements and the consultants to be the best program for me.

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So supportive and makes losing weight fun and easy. I'm down over 50lbs and on my way to my goal!

— Sheri Mick Courtney

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