Bob's Story

My name is Bob, and I lost 101.5 pounds and cut my body fat percentage in HALF!

I won't lie, when I first began this program, I felt skeptical. We've all been there. But while I was on program, I was genuinely surprised at two things:

  1. How fast the weight came off!
  2. ALL of the food choices that were available to me while I was losing weight!

For me, the best part about this program was the support that I received from the staff. They are so knowledgeable about so many weight loss factors, especially food choices and the many ways those impact weight gain, weight maintenance, and weight loss.

Now that I've reached my goal, I love that I look better and I have so much more energy than I did before! When I started this program, I had a BMI of 43.3 (morbidly obese) and now my BMI is a much healthier 29.1. Other people are always asking me what I've done to lose all my weight, and I tell them that MRC will work!

"Look at Bob DISAPPEAR! And see that smile GROW!""
"Bob and Rose celebrate Bob's loss of 101.5 pounds... gone forever!"

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So much support and excellent advise helped me to stick to the daily regime. I have tried so many times before....I no longer need my diabetic medicine, I have been taken off three of the four high blood pressure meds. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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