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Dexter's Story

When I began my weight loss journey, I began for several reasons; my grandchildren, to relieve my family’s worry about my health and to help me work in my ministry. It was time for a change and I knew it! I already knew several people who had success with MRC so I this made my choice easy. 17 months after joining the Panama City MRC I had lost 182 pounds!

People often ask how hard it was to do the program and I have to say honestly it was not bad at all. I had a lot of positive reinforcement from day one and the staff made it fun. With this support I was able to make the adjustments to my eating habits and found it very easy to stay on track.

My life has changed greatly since losing 182 pounds. I have become more active in my grandchild’s life and continue to work faithfully in our ministry. My family now can see the man they used to know. I was initially surprised about all the attention but now I am finally comfortable and can enjoy it! I exercise daily and I actually look forward to it.

The support MRC has provided, even still in maintenance, has helped me to maintain this weight loss. I am proud to say I have been maintaining my 182 pound loss with ease since December 2012!

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