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Jeanette's Story

I've never been "slim." I've struggled with my weight since right after high school. I have tried it all to get the miracle cure for getting it off! Weight Watchers. Slim Fast. Diet and exercise combination. Crash diets. Liquid diets. The scary diet pills. Nutrisystem. You name it, and I have tried it! Nothing worked fast enough for me so I would eventually give up and give in to the cravings. After having my son in November of 2013, everyone told me - nurse your baby and the weight will fall off. So I did! I nursed night and day, every day, while sitting on the couch, watching tv or scrolling facebook, or taking adorable pictures of my amazing little man, and eating EVERYTHING within reach! (Why isn't there more of an importance placed on nutrition for mom after baby is here? The combination of labor recovery, and exhaustion creates the perfect storm for a hungry, nursing, hormonal, hungry, new mom! [Did I mention hungry?] We need to talk about this more!)

In January 2015, my 14 month old son was outrunning me. I felt sluggish, tired all the time, unattractive and flabby. It crossed my mind that I really needed to do something, but what? I had tried it all. In March of 2015, my husband and I started talking about having another baby. For us, that meant another round at the Fertility Clinic and several thousand dollars that the insurance company doesn't pick up. This wasn't our first go around so I already knew the statistics. The healthier you are, the better your chance of success. So I needed to do something. We decided that we would wait until I was at a healthy BMI so that we could improve our chances of a successful pregnancy and birth. So I started to research. I looked into several programs and consulted several of my doctors. I couldn't find a program that my nutritionist, family physician, and reproductive endocrinologist could all agree on until I called the Metabolic Research Center!

I was so surprised with how quickly I saw results and how encouraging the consultant, Andrea was! Never once have I ever felt judgement or like I was just a client.

I was also relieved to find that I wasn't hungry. All this time spent trying to lose weight, I just assumed being hungry was part of it! It's not! There is an awesome menu on program that they tailored specifically for me! So I had excellent options and even a helpful restaurant guide so that I didn't have to feel deprived of eating out! That was huge for me, because this working mama is tired! Andrea has been awesome! She has been celebrating with me every step of the way. She has really encouraged me and keeps me from feeling discouraged when I fall off the wagon and make a "less than best" choice for a midnight snack. (No midnight snacks! You are not a gremlin!) I feel like she cares if I succeed!

It wasn't long before my clothes started getting too big. My husband has been huge with the encouragement. He suggested that we put back $10 for every pound I lose and when I get to my goal weight, I am going shopping for a new wardrobe! (Because let face it, when you lose 80+ pounds, you need everything (even underwear!)

My first "holy Cow" moment was when I fit in a pair of jeans that I had bought as "goal pants" after my son was born. (you know, because I was nursing and the weight was supposed to just "melt off"?) I had never worn them! I signed the 10 lb board, then the 20 lb board, then the 30 lb board, and last week, I signed the 40 lb board! I'm not going to lie, it feels so great to hear family, friends and coworkers tell me how I look so happy, healthy and young! My goal is to hit that 50 lb board before we vacation in Colorado the beginning of August! And I'll get there!

This program works! Believe me! I've felt the "man it's never going to work for me" sluggish, shameful comfort roll over me. But it will work for you! It is not easy. This is not a "magic pill solution." You do have to retrain your whole mindset but healthy is worth it! You earn every pound you lose! It works! Man, it works! I started this program busting out of a size 18 pants. I'm not exaggerating. I had to sew up the zipper more than once - I should have really been in a 20, but I refused to do it. My pants would cut and dig into me and I would never sit down without my arms folder carefully to cover my stomach knowing my rolls were spilling out over my pants. It was embarrassing. Now, I'm in a comfortable size 10 pants. A size 10! A TEN! I haven't been a size 10 since junior high! I love shopping for clothes now! Having to shop for clothes because nothing fits has an entirely new exciting meaning now! I've lost 48.75 inches and 42 pounds AND COUNTING! I feel amazing! There is just no other way to put it. MRC is one of the best decisions I have ever made! Do it! You will not regret it! Because the months will pass anyway. You might as well get your healthy on in the meantime!

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I love everything about this place. Faculty is amazing and friendly! My fiance, mom, and I have been going here since March 6th 2013 to lose weight for the wedding in April 2014. My fiance has lost over 50 lbs, my mom has lost 40 lbs and I have lost 50 lbs. I never thought I would actually have a chance to look healthy and amazing for the up-coming wedding, but Metabolic has made it possible! I highly recommend them to everyone I know!


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