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“It was during my initial consultant that I recall thinking, “This is going to work!" Everything about MRC’s approach to weight loss made so much sense to me, and I knew that I was about to start the last program I would ever need!

When I began my journey with MRC, I wasn't in the best shape, physically. My knees hurt, I couldn't get up off the floor without assistance, and I was constantly short of breath. While on program, all of that started to change. The menus were so easy to follow and user-friend. I was surprised to find that I was never hungry and that I was able to eat REAL food! Plus, the one-on-one support was second to none! MRC’s consultants are amazing, always offering tremendous support, encouragement and advice.

MRC has truly given me a new lease on life! Two hundred and eight days ago, I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic. Now that I've lost the weight, I’m not anymore! I have more energy and am in the best shape of my life. That’s right…goodbye knee pain! So long, exhaustion! And, HELLO LIFE! Thank you, MRC!"
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I really enjoyed the Zumba class on Saturday. I haven't ever had a dance class but it was a fun and crazy time. I just wish more people would have joined us. Thanks Amanda for giving us a chance to try something new.


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