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Janet's Story

I tried everything out there! I was unhappy about the way I looked and how I felt, I needed a change. Then my husband was diagnosed with cancer and that terrified me because I always thought of him as the ‘healthy one’ and if he could get that sick, what would become of me? I joined the program with Metabolic and immediately began to lose weight. Best of all, I never felt hungry. The program was easy to follow and I was super happy I got to eat cheese, I love cheese! I feel amazing today, I am full of life again. I have returned to the happy person I used to be, and that feel so good. So much has changed for me over this journey. I started cooking a lot more, and I eat lots fruits and vegetables, I've learned to love these foods! I walk about 4 miles every day, before I lost weight I did not exercise at all. Before losing her weight I hated shopping for clothes. Now I loves buying new clothes and finding new styles I can wear. This program works! Thank you to the staff at MRC, I could not have achieved this without each of you and your support.
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So much support and excellent advise helped me to stick to the daily regime. I have tried so many times before....I no longer need my diabetic medicine, I have been taken off three of the four high blood pressure meds. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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