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"To say that there has been some stress in my life for the last few years would be a bit of an understatement, and to say that I "gained some weight" because of it would be a HUGE understatement. They do call it comfort food after all!I didn't gain some weight - I got fat! I wasn't sure how heavy I was, I didn't even want to know, but I was pretty sure it was the heaviest I had ever been in my life - including during pregnancy. The jeans I was wearing were the biggest size I had ever purchased and they were getting a little snug. I decided that if I was going to have to buy new pants again it would be for a smaller size, not another bigger size. I started MRC right around the time that school started and I was worried that I wouldn't be able to fully follow any diet because I travel a lot with my kids activities 0 but there was plenty of travel friendly options that's helped me stay on plan and I was quickly needing those smaller jeans! The consultants were great with menu suggestions when I got bored and with encouragement when I got frustrated. I have now lost over 70 pounds and almost 88 inches! I got to buy smaller jeans 6 times! (but that's totally ok because shopping is fun now! I get asked all the time about my weight loss and when I tell them about MRC most everyone wants to know two things: is it hard? and is it expensive? It's not as easy as eating whatever, whenever, without even thinking about it but it's worth it! And it's not free of course, but I ask them what would they give to look in the mirror and feel good about yourself - REALLY FEEL GOOD?! What would you pay to guarantee an extension of your life? Because that's what getting healthy will get you! So I say that it can be expensive but it's worth it!"
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MRC has changed everything I thought I knew about myself, and my nutrition! They give you everything you need to succeed on your weight-loss journey! The tools are available, and so are the greatest coaches! TY MRC!


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