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I felt tired, unenergetic and upset with my body. I had tried dieting alone, dieting combined with exercise (but always wound up injured) and I’d gone to Weight Watchers. I came to MRC because I wanted to feel better and was ready to make a change. While I was on the program, I was surprised that I received so much support and by how much food I could have! I never felt deprived. I loved the taste of the MRC protein drinks. The best part of the program for me was the encouragement and support I received from the consultants.

I was able to come off of several medications because of my weight loss. Now that I have reached my goal, I feel so much better - I have more energy and like the way I look. People even tell me “you look 10 years younger – I didn’t recognize you! You look amazing??? With MRC’s help I have myself enough love to gain back my health and confidence. You can do it too! You are worth it.
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Great people to help you re-train your brain to eat healthy and live a healthier lifestyle. Love the special one-on-one attention you get from this company. They're there to help you succeed!


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