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Dan's Story

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I started 2019 weighing almost 300 pounds. I say this knowing that I was always the big guy in school and life, but never close to 300. I was always reminded I carry my weight well and that I had a lot of muscle mass because I was active, but I would continue to look into the mirror and see the fat kid staring back at me. I tried to follow meal plans and certain fad diets, but would never really see any success. I worked out 5 times a week, sometimes being in the gym for over 2 hours; but the scale continued to creep up.

That is when I decided to give MRC a try. I now realize that is was not a try, but an absolute life change. I met with Debi and she was so positive and encouraging and that energy never left from week to week. I dropped from eating 5 meals a day to 3 controlled meals and in the first week I dropped 10 pounds. From that point forward, I was a believer. I continued with the program, ate healthy, and continued to work out. I watched the number on the scale steadily drop and I began to see new PR’s in the gym and in life. I began to feel more comfortable at work and noticed my uniform fit better. I no longer had knee pain or stiffness from a previous ACL surgery. MRC not only helped me, but it convinced my Mom to get on the program to begin losing weight and getting healthy for her new Granddaughter.

All in all, I lose 66 pounds and 37.5 inches. I've participated in three Spartan races, and I'm training for an Iron Man. I feel amazing, and I can’t thank MRC enough for helping me learn to eat right and become healthy for myself, my family, and my job!

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Kind, friendly, and amazing staff. They always brighten my day when I go. Very happy with the meal plan, vitamins, and classes.


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