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Kevin's Story

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I procrastinated tackling weight loss for a long time because I thought it would take years and I believed I’d gain it back anyway...so for the longest time I figured “why bother?”. But, my weight had become a literal pain in my neck and back as well as a stressor on my entire body - especially my joints. I had a deep desire to feel good enough to start exercising again, I wanted to get off blood pressure and type 2 diabetes medications, and I wanted to improve my overall appearance. My chiropractor is the one who actually told me about MRC because they had great success with the program. When they told me that it was one of the only programs out there that had you prepare and eat real foods, I was interested in taking a closer look.

Instead of taking years to lose weight (like it did to gain it), it only took me 37 weeks to lose 80 pounds and 79.5 inches! When I think about how I stayed motivated during that time to lose the weight, it was the staff at my center that made the difference. They kept me focused on my goals, and I’m so grateful! I also did a DNA test to take a closer look at my genetics, and it was so insightful! I couldn’t believe how big of a difference the little things seemed to make.

The physical transformation that I experienced during this journey was incredible, and I’ll go ahead and say it - I look great! I truly care about myself now, and my wife has told me, “you’re a good looking dude!” I’m off the diabetes medications, and my blood pressure medications have been reduced! With MRC, everything I wanted; I got! Honestly, I feel like I’m 20 years younger!

If you’re even considering weight loss, do it with MRC. Trust and follow your program. It’ll teach you ways to gain true satisfaction and happiness from eating so that you feel like you can accomplish anything you want in life! My advice? Remember that food is first fuel, not an end in itself. MRC will teach you to compose, prep, and cook balanced meals so that you reap benefits of cooking and enjoy your healthy weight for life! Here’s a great recipe for success that doesn’t require any ingredients: plan, measure, record, adjust, repeat!

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The support I receive from the awesome staff at MRC Topeka keeps me motivated each week to continue moving forward toward my goal!


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