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Jonell's Story

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For my entire life, I struggled with my weight and self-image. lf there's a prograrn out there, I've done it at some point. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it did not - but every time as soon as I stopped, my weight went back up. The first day I started MRC I knew this time it was going to be different.

Why? This time I had a person - my person. My person that helped to hold me accountable. My person that was as invested in my success as I am. My person that is always there. My person that is always positive. My person that understands life & its challenges and that you can have an "off day" and still come out on top. My person that helped me stay positive and helped me keep fighting. My person that taught me that this is not a diet or a "one and done"; this is a lifestyle change.

The important difference between a diet and a lifestyle change is that it's not just what you eat or just aiming towards a target weight. It's a change in the way you approach life and food. Food is no longer the controlling factor. Food is only the fuel. Once food becomes the fuel it is no longer what you rely on to make you feel happy or use find satisfaction. Once you embrace that, you start to see food differently.

And once I accepted and embraced that, the weight and the inches started falling off. Whenever I look in the mirror I will always see the me I was for so much of my life (and I have love in my heart for that girl, too); but, everyone else sees the new me. The smaller me. The me that food doesn't control. And they ask me and tell me daily, "What did you do? You are so small! You look so great! You look hot! I am so proud of you!" When you hear things like this all of the time now, you can't help but be proud, confident and determined to maintain this lifestyle and new you. How could you disappoint everyone? More importantly, how could you disappoint yourself again? The answer becomes an emphatic, "I won't disappoint anyone!"

I am so grateful for MRC and "my person". I have a positive self image, and I got my life back!

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I was looking for help for 2 years and my girlfriend suggest this place. I love it, my health is good now, the staff is amazing I love everything about this place. So worth it ??


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